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1Q pays you (or a charity you choose) an instant $.25 every time you answer a simple question. Seriously, It’s that simple!

Companies ask. You get paid! Instantly to your PayPal account.

We call them “Askverts.”

Don’t have a PayPal account, you say…that’s OK! The first time we pay you, you’ll get a message from PayPal telling you they have $0.25 waiting for you, and you can follow the link and set up your account then.

OR, simply choose to donate your dollars to one of our growing list of charities!!!


•We believe that your personal info has value, and if someone uses it, you should be compensated!

•We believe that your time is valuable, and if a company wants 5 or 10 or 30 seconds of your time, they should pay you! Any more time than that is way too much!

•We believe that advertising should be where you want to see it, not where you have to see it!

•We believe that everything we do should have a charitable component!

•And we believe we can change the World, 1 payment at a time!


Companies all over the World are interested in your opinion or in simply sending you an offer, based on who you are and/or where you are, and our revolutionary system allows them to send those questions or offers directly to you.

The more we know about you, the more questions you will get and the more money you or the charity of your choice will make.

Downloading our app and giving us permission to send you push notifications and to access your location services when we need to will DRASTICALLY increase your chances of getting a question because many more companies want to ask questions or send offers based on that information.

Of course, you can stop at any time, but why would you. At $0.25 for 10 seconds of your time, the more the merrier, we say!

But you have to be quick! The companies sending the questions and offers set their own time limits, and once they have received all the responses they wanted or reach the time limit, the “askvert will close. Our app will always show you if you missed any questions and your average response time, though.


We won’t share your name or contact info with anyone, EVER, unless compelled to by law! Period!

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces 1Q. 1Q is developed by 1Q, LLC and it has very stable version which is 1.0.0. 1Q works with all the android devices if the device is Android and above. We always provide you 1Q apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Ms. Ona Cruickshank II

Okay, so everyone tries these \"online surveys\" for free cash applications. And I can't lie about it either I've downloaded hundreds of them, some work, some don't. Look, I'm young and cash is nice to have around! Everyone needs cash. So when I first downloaded 1Q I was skeptical like anyone else. but within the first minutes of logging in, I finished my first survey, I gave them my payout info and immediately got $2, Just like that! only negative is surveys come about three times a month.

Mr. Allan Okuneva

super easy, but the questions are so very far apart that i almost forget i have the app. doesn't seem like this is the one for you if you're looking to make any substantial amount. the questions time it really fast too, so pretty much if you aren't already holding your phone when the notification goes off, you'll probably miss it.

Renee Vandervort

worst survey app ever. I dont notice the notification or hear any notification sounds. and once I realize there is a notification and click it to open the app, the questions are ALWAYS expired. rarely get any questions and they time out so quickly before I know I have one. worst survey app ever. dont try it. it's a waste of time and space and you wont gain anything from it. save your time downloading, your data to download it, and space on your device, dont install it. period.

Lonzo Howe

Just after thinking that this was fake and being this close to uninstalling I got a question that was quick and easy to respond to. Sure it took a while to get this askvert but now I know that this isn't any fraud. I'm really looking forward to getting more askverts in the future.

Angus Murphy

so if UR like me i think it shoukd be illegal to offer surveys in exchange for Money. I only say that cause I have never actually gotten any money.. zero.. until I stumbled onto 1Q. with 1Q.. you dont take a survey unles you get paid.. its that sime.no matter how low or high the dolkar amount. they will send it straight to paypal right after you finish the survey. beat part.. you do the survey over text message. these other companies need to take notes.First, dont lie about the money. 1Q ROCKS!

Morgan Jast DVM

this is by far the best paying legit app ever! i had my doubts on it like others but this one is legit! ive made about 7 bucks so far on it and get my money instantly to my PayPal! nothing bad to say besides wish it give u more questions instead of just one every few days, but its worth it!

Axel Simonis

t This is a good app but the questions are so far apart in months don't count on really making money on here. .10 a question for lil rainy day sometimes money but it's free. They always pay me right away but it's sometimes many many months before I get a question. One time a whole year.

Keaton Baumbach

Neat way to earn a few bucks. Most questions are $0.25 to $1. Some are more. It adds up. Free money is nice. It actually pays instantly to PayPal for every answer, unlike some apps that you need a minimum to cash out.

Kaylin Renner

I like this app. It's a nice and easy way to make a little money. My gripe is that you have to respond to the question text immediately or it closes. I don't have time to drop everything to listen for their texts. But it's fun when it works. UPDATE: I have another gripe. The questions come rarely these days. But that might be out of the alp's control.

Devonte Powlowski DVM

I like this app, since the questions are usually short and to the point. The biggest issue is most questions come EARLY in the morning, while I am ASLEEP. And the default notification sound is a \"dink\". 😳