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20000+ Thoughts for Success

Download 20000+ Thoughts for Success apk for free.

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20000+ Thoughts for Success

• 20000+ Best Motivational Thoughts
• All types of thoughts Love, Success, Inspirational and Motivational etc
• Thoughts from many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Steve Jobs etc.
• Get “Thought of The Day: A new thought daily to start your day with enthusiasm.
• You can a thought Share on Whatsapp, Facebook, ShareChat or any social site or app.
• Copy and paste anywhere like in Messages, social sites and apps etc.
• Add a thought in favorite for quick access.
• New Thoughts added regularly.
• Easy to Use app
• Simple User Interface for best performance.
• Very light and Compact app.
• Thoughts are arranged in such a way that you will never get bored.

You can share thought with your friends using Facebook or using Messaging and also you can mail.

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Simeon Cole

DELETED! Very annoying adverts when you awaken phone! No need for that and no mention of it that it would! Deceitful. Unless you like like annoying adverts when your phone is awoken, you'll love this app!

Rhianna Buckridge

Brilliant idea. Great way to copy and paste a relevant timely quote, for a team member who needs it.

Ashleigh Gerlach Jr.

I love the quotes I suffer depression this makes a lot of difference

Sandrine Shanahan III

Some of the these thoughts are so wrongly categorised, the Albert Einstein quote for inspiration is more like sarcasm or telling someone to mind there own business! Success quotes contradict each other ! Whats inspirational about Churchill saying 'keep going'. Here's one for you I have thought up, ' You can't see the rubbish in the bin till you take the lid off ' !

Dr. Camron VonRueden MD

Each quotes should be Author wise

Mr. Hans Stracke Sr.

this app is a good app it has good quotes... I love it and it also teaches me to believe in myself

Granville Kovacek

Spam infested!I mean on my HOME SCREEN and lock screen too!This is unacceptable and very much intrusive beyond reasonable!Active when not even in use!SPAMMING!

Prof. Timmothy Schultz Jr.

You will absolutely drown in ads. Every time I turn on the phone, an ad pops up. So annoying. Not worth the hassle. When I try to open settings, it crashes and says \"Ufortunately, Thoughts has stopped\". Really?

Larue Yundt

unable to transfer anything to my story. totally useless.

Jacinto Durgan

I've down loaded this app and I'm liking it already.. I wanted help and I think I found it !!