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3Plus fitness bands track and record a variety of your everyday activities.
- Advanced Notifications
Instant caller ID, missed call, text message, email, social media alerts, and more.
- Activity Tracking
Track your daily steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned and more. Personal goals can be adjusted for any situation.
- Sleep Monitoring
Maintain comprehensive records of the different sleep states to monitor your nightly sleep
- Reminder Alerts
Take advantage of 6 different types of reminder notifications to keep you on schedule throughout your week.
- Heart Rate Monitoring (on select models)
Measure your heart rate during exercise to achieve the intensity you want from your workouts, and measure your resting heart rate to see how your health improves over time.
- Clock Display
An accurate display of the time that you can customize to fit your style.
- Tracking Data Reports
Keep track of your activity progress in days, weeks, months, or other dimensions to ensure growth and improved daily performance.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces 3PLUS ELITE. 3PLUS ELITE is developed by 3PLUS international Inc. and it has very stable version which is 2.0.8. 3PLUS ELITE works with all the android devices if the device is Android 18 and above. We always provide you 3PLUS ELITE apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Kathleen Carroll

The app isn't good. It glitches in Elgin, Illinois. please fix, or it may be this LG Stylo 4 phone. And it only took me about two hours to successfully connect. What's going on here? I'll give it three weeks, and if it under-performs; then, I'm done with this product and finding something better for the price 7/17/19 UTC 17:24 PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES; I LIKE THE DEVICE

Mr. Devin Kertzmann

Extremely frustrating. It won't sync with my phone. When it does, it doesn't record the same number of steps as it shows on the device. I wanted it as a pedometer, and it gets me to take more steps. So for that I appreciate it. But since I don't want it accessing information on my phone, it won't allow me to go to the dashboard or sync. I wouldn't recommend getting one.

Danielle Williamson IV

This is my first fitness band. It does what I wanted it to do, and more. Too much more. I would prefer a lite version that doesn't need access to so many permissions. The user interface is unintuitive and often unresponsive. On a Moto G5+ and G7+ with the latest updates it should just fly. Instead I have to tap on the not-obviously-buttons for a while before it triggers them. So if they could work on that, that would be great. But it does what I need and the price is right. Four stars.

Darlene Metz

When I tried to pair it the app wouldn't let me, it asked for personal stuff, and when I didn't let it it started gliching. I got the watch at walmart and then downloaded this app. It worked perfectly until i deleted it. I redownloaded it again and it had many updates and now it's not working and I hate it. I tried multiple times to pair them and it still didn't work. When I tried to pair my watch and the app, I followed all the instructions but it didn't work.

Felipa Trantow

I really like the app it's a good way to track everything. However there's one thing, every time I open up messenger it gives me a notification on the watch. It says 1 conversation and Start an conversation, I gets really annoying I just want a notification when I get a message not when I open the app. If you could maybe have options in the settings to adjust this?

Prof. Waldo Thompson Sr.

Update: The App is not intuitive. You would assume to tap icons and instead you should swipe right to bring up graphs that track things such as heart beat and steps taken, or to pull the settings /menu out. I also needed their Tech support to get the app to work on my phone. Once loaded correctly though it worked great, and no problems with the watch device.

Orval Maggio

Been learning more about this, and the smart watch features are horrid. Phone calls tend to display the wrong number. Asks for SMS permissions, but only reads from notifications, so custom SMS apps don't work. Asks for contacts, but doesn't seem to present contact names. No customization options, so no third-party social apps work either. Less features than a $15 Chinese generic item. The fitness features are the best thing this app/watch offers, and they're only standard.

Ms. Alejandra Schiller PhD

All I did was download the app and presto! Instant access to my own personal secretary(and maybe a little bit of my mother-the good part) ! Now no more worrying, only seeing and fixing any health concerns. Its almost like my own personal health trainer/ consultant! Now I can workout at work, home, anywhere! Thank you 3Plus Elite!

Jeremy Prohaska

easy to use. works great recieving messages. love the find my phone feature! would def recommend. works just as good as the ones that cost 3 times the amount. way to go making an affordable product that actually works. if you have trouble paring just keep trying. took me 3 times but was the only problem ive had

Baron Borer

App constantly freezes on my phone. I cannot even sign in. I have reinstalled the app over and over. Moreover, the watch blue tooth and phone bluetooth will not connect. This app is a nonfunctional scam designed to access your private information on your phone. I will return the watch to Walmart and uninstall the app pronto. Disgusted.