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Enjoy a game of 42 dominoes, also known as Texas 42. 42 is a trick taking game played with double six dominoes. You are paired with a computer partner against two computer opponents. Take 7 marks or 250 points and win the game.

Supports many popular domino variants including Low (Nello), Forced Only Low, Splash, Plunge, Sevens, Forced Only Sevens, Doubles Trump, and No Trump. Your chosen combination can be easily setup within the preferences menu.

Domino game results are stored locally in your app. Access the statistics and see how you have been measuring up.

(1) How can I lay down my hand?

Tapping the green check mark icon or red x icon will end the current hand. The check mark appears when you have enough points to meet your bid. The x appears when you can no longer make your bid.

(2) How do I display the hidden played dominoes on 2 mark bids?

Within the trick dialog, tapping any domino or hidden trick icon will display all played dominoes.

(3) Can I undo a bid or trump selection?

If you are the high bidder, an undo icon appears. Tapping the icon will undo the last bid, trump, or contract selection.

(4) Why is a bid yellow?

A yellow bid indicates a forced bid.

(5) What are the different AI play styles?

Conservative: Only bids above 30 with really strong hands.
Normal: Bids on a mix of hands. More likely to bid 31-35.
Aggressive: Bids on most any hand if there is a chance to make it.
Once play starts, the three variants generally follow the same strategies.

Editor's Note

Well known 42 is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download 42 developed and announced by Droid 42. Current version of the apk file is 6.3 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Feb. 11, 2019. Also 42 is very famous in Card category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install 42 if your device android version is Android 15 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Destinee Fadel DVM

Gig Em! This is a very good 42 engine...very customizable from conservative to aggressive and with all the variations we used in the dorms. The randomization is good and the play is realistic. When I turn on all the options it almost feels like I am back on the quad playing with my fellow Ags! The only thing I wish they would do is provide an online option. If you like 42...this is your app!

Bryce Mante III

i have been playing this game for years, and untill recently, it would store scoring information . i use this infp for logging purposes. but recently, after an update, it no longer keeps an active score, rather it deletes running game and hand information after....mayb 12 to 24 hours. tjis is not helpful at all and in no way intices me to buy this game, in fact i am looking for a replacement now. thank you for the original game, but no thanks on the current version as is.

Kathryne Hahn I

i enjoy this game because i have played 42 for years, and now not many play it. I have one problem, everyonce in a while it does not give me the trick i win. Especially when it will set the other team . Two times it has made me play the six four insteaded of allowing me to play a four blank when a four led.

Winfield Lang

It plays just fine. Don't let a bunch of whiners scare you away. I've won as many as I've lost just like normal play. It is, however, a little hard to talk across the table. lol Needs online Team version. Gig 'em!

Prof. Emelie Yundt MD

awesome interface and gameplay. glad you included Low, Seven, and Plunge. see you at Dixie Chicken

Mabel O'Hara

would be great if your partner didn't suck and other team didn't always have their partner covered

Marjorie Cronin MD

Excellent. after a period of playing a few months it allowed me to turnnon low, sevens, etc

Prof. Danny Kovacek

Best 42 app This app has every variation of 42 there is. Some I didnt know even after 40 years of play in Texas. Outstanding!

Lillie Wintheiser

works well. minor issue on Pixel 3XL on Android 9, cannot click bid or trump in landscape mode.

Andres Gleason

When scoring points if I win I get my points and they get theirs but if I loose they get all the points. Absolutely unfair and frustrating.