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550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack

Download 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack apk for free.

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550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack

Are you looking for an awesome Solitaire cards game collection for your Android device? If so, this application is for you. Get 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack Free today and join the fun!

If you liked playing solitaire on windows or solsuite solitaire to pass time you are going to love this classic game.
Our Solitaire game takes the trusted gameplay formula. With stunning graphics and animations this version of the popular card game is one of the most beautiful solitaire card games you'll find.
550+ Card Games Solitaire features a beautiful custom designed card set in high resolution, playing Patience on your HD Android tablet never looked this good! World of Solitaire.
The classic Patience game controls have also been optimized to touch screen devices - it takes no time to learn at all, and works just as you'd expect, be it on a tablet or a small phone.

550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack's features in points:
* Various Game Type(Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Canfield, Yukon, Golf, Pairing, Gypsy, Braid, Terrace, Baker's Dozen, Raglan, Castle, Montana(Gaps), Fan, Napoleon, Forty Thieves and many more)
* Stunning HD graphics & animations
* For each game there is a description of the rules
* Various themes
* Unique old classic card deck
* Full Auto Hint (If you don't know game rule, check on)
* Automatic completion(on/off support)
* Easy controls: either drag and drop cards and stacks, or tap to select and tap to drop
* Unlimited undo-all, undo, redo and redo-all
* Auto save ensures your game is always ready to start off where you left it
* Tablet support
* Statistics

If you don't know game rule, don't worry
Our game's full auto hint system keep on, then game rule automatic learning.

Solitaire is also known as Patience Card Game.
The Solitaire Classic card game is fully featured, ad supported.

Enjoy solitaire games for FREE!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack is 1.12. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack made by CommaLite very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Prof. Hope Mante

Terrible for me 1. no options. cant customize game itself.2. in this app you play their way or no way. ie: some easy games are impossible to win like Pyramid. once you've cleared the board and click on the excess Reserve you cannot win unless the excess reserve matches each card. however if you play golf and clear the board, when you click the remaining Reserve cards you automatically win. 3. this app state chances of winning Yukon low. I've won every Yukon game. deleting app

Flo Schowalter Jr.

gave this game 5 stars, love it but since update it crashes on me everytime I open it. I love this game n hav had it for yrs but now it nvr works. it usually closes as soon as I open it or as soon as I start a game it will crash. please fix. I've uninstalled it n reinstalled it at least 7-8 times but nothing helps. I wud pay for this game if it wud work. Please fix it.....

Max Rempel

This was a wonderful set of games until about a month and a half ago. The game now continually crashes while being played IF if loads to be played at all. With repeated uninstalling and reinstalling the app it will operate properly for a while then fail again. on the whole, an app that I once recommended is now one I cannot begin to recommend.

Geovany Abshire V

Unbelievable varied assortment! However cant stop automatic play. There's a button called autoplay, but even unchecked it basically does everything for you. An option to literally Drag\u0026Drop \"only\" would be great! It's FREE and there are NO intrusive permissions which is FANTASTIC! But a left hand option, a way to SEARCH by name and FAV games, a way to change various rules per game, better more realistic sounds and more varied card decks and backgrounds would be icing on an already PERFECT cake.

Idell Kuphal

Worked just fine until I got a new phone. Now I cant move the damn cards around unless I repeatedly hit the undo and redo buttons!! And suddenly pop up ads are a thing? NOPE. Im not dealing with both banner ads and pop up ads in addition to the game not working properly ?

Mrs. Gabrielle Mraz Sr.

enjoyed 8x8 when i first encountered it! its a real twister, if you've never thought beyond the basics of patience. others a bit boring, but I've not investigated many. Dig in and enjoy!!!

Granville Mitchell

Enjoyable.. however instructions are not exact many are wrong.. its nice that you try to fix what u can.. but very frustrating.. Sorry that I must uninstall.. but I am looking for relaxation not frustration.. keep working.. I will be back because it really is fun to have so many games to play.. ty.

Dr. Ted Carroll Jr.

i love this game. it has various kind of card games. specialy 8*8 game is my favorite one. i can play that game nonstop 24 hours. keep it up your good works.

Prof. Linwood Schimmel

I really am quite addicted to this game. there are so many options and it always makes me unwind when I'm laying in bed after a long day.

Afton Conn

lovely variety of games. some easy. some difficult and some almost impossible! very addictive