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7Days! - Decide your story

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7Days! - Decide your story

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Seven Days is a text adventure game enjoyable for all audiences, with uniquely styled illustrations. The game proceeds as a series of chats, and users read through the story as they make important decisions. The choices made determine the route the story takes.

■ Summary
Every choice you make changes your story.
Small choices add up to transform your relationships with comrades and determine your destiny and those of your comrades at critical moments.

You can choose to become the ultimate villain, or a trustworthy friend.
Everything depends on what you decide.

■ Synopsis
A number of dead spirits have been assigned to a test. Successfully completing the test ensures they will be resurrected.
The messenger of death has assigned them each a task. They must attack one another or work together to complete their tasks.
Your character, Kirell, must also complete the task she has been assigned.
But her tasks requires that others die.

She has only seven days.
What choices will you make?

■ Unique features
- Graphic novel-style artwork
- Storyline that changes according to your choices
- Various achievements and hidden challenges
- Multiple endings

Editor's Note

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Miss Helen Barton

This game got me HOOKED. I LOVE the story, I LOVE the attitude and atmosphere of the game, and every move your character makes is YOUR decision and your choice and every move is important and will affect your path. It shows how much thought and care the developers put into the game and honestly not alot of game developers do this day. If I could I would give that game 1000000 stars.

Kaleb Weber

I love it a lot, but, it's really hard for me to get another thing done, i keep getting the same ending. Honestly, I think you should add more replies from characters, most the things you say wont change how the characters respond, and maybe add like.... More variety of things to say, i hate how you only have two options. I was lookimg at the pictures of the game you took too, but, it looked nothing like my gameplay. Thank you for reading this.

Dr. Cameron King Sr.

By far the best game I have ever tried and I'm in day four and I love this game, the character designs, the story, the soundtrack and all other things! I cant stop playing that game! It's just too good. Every action has a consequence and I'm getting to deep into this, the characters are just way too good and I love how goofy some of them is. Good job guys!

Verlie Cummings DDS

absolutely fascinating story for free play, I just finished day 4 and already looking forward to replaying it to see if I can take things down very different paths. For those concerned, there's no \"pay X to choose this path\" like in other games. one tip for f2p: get +80 tickets by watching a 15-30 second ad in the top left corner. cooldown on this is 3 hours, and starting each day costs 100, so do it as soon as you start the game the first time. 175 starting tickets so watch just 7-8 ads total.

Mr. Johnnie Bailey III

It's a fantastic and intriguing experience so far. I have reach day 5 and was asked to leave a review, so I'm writing my opinion now as a beginner and I will come back to edit this when I have completely finished the game. I wish I could leave a much longer review, but long story short: The soundtrack was good, the artstyle is great, the story is very solid and mysterious, and brought lot of philosophical questions to my mind. It's a fun time, but there's bugs \u0026 I ran out of review space \u003e:[

Lionel Langworth

really short game, pretty interesting concept for the story but pretty uninteresting story... every chapter(one of 7 days) you play you have to watch one or two ads that have 2-3h between them, more time spent on waiting for ads than actually playing the game... oh, and if you want to replay the chapters you have to \"pay\" by watching ads again...

Adolfo McClure Jr.

This is overall a great game made by even greater developers. When I had purchasing issues I recieved a response, and I had a lot of fun playing 7Days. Wonderful storyline, and the Developers are paying attention to the consumer base. All the makings of a good mobile gaming experience. Thank you!

Rossie Hartmann

This is an exceptional game. I enjoyed the gameplay very much. It felt fluent and, at the same time, you could really empathize with the characters. It also made it very interesting the idea of adding the images of gunshots, for it helped making certain scenes more intense. I highly reccomend playing 7Days!.

Issac Ebert

I would bump this to five stars for sure, but I did the ticket requirements and got nothing when I was told I'd get 120? Its bull. Without that, you have to wait 3 hours for the next one, and when you get to Day 6, you're required to watch 2 videos/wait 6 hours since 1 video doesn't give enough tickets.

Cleora Bergnaum

if you haven't played this game yet, im jealous. this game has an AMAZING plot and choices that would actually affect the outcome of the game. the characters really come to life and the amount of details that went into this game is amazing. Though it could be potentially better b/c it has few typos and some of the dialouge doesn't make sense when you switch teams. however, you should still download the game and it is very cheap considering it has so much value. Also pls make sequel or related!