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8D Music Player

Download 8D Music Player apk for free.

8D Music Player apk icon

8D Music Player

New way to listen music that adds effect makes it as if walking on water ..
Well, leave this nonsense , just put headphones in your ear and enjoy.

Note : make sure that your headphones support stereo mode (split into right and left) .

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Editor's Note

Well known 8D Music Player is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download 8D Music Player developed and announced by Ahmed El-Moneim. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Oct. 27, 2018. Also 8D Music Player is very famous in Video Players & Editors category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install 8D Music Player if your device android version is Android and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Evie Lockman

The best audio player I have ever used. Really, the app is awesome. I can now hear the audio not only in my ear but also in my head, like I am feeling it. The changing of dimension is the best feature in it. I have no issue with its performance. The only thing I would love to have is the visualization if possible. Secondly, the app icon should be more gorgeous like something colorful. Thank you for this great app. Keep it up.??.

Madisen Rath Sr.

Yeah, it really works thanks for making this app. Firstly, I read some comments in which people like you so like that comment and then i have downloaded this app. I want to tell those people who says that, it doesn't show your thousands of song. First you have to give permission to this app to your storage then it shows your files.

Delfina Will

It's good. but it's not gradual enough when transitioning. And the sound goes from really audible to silent when transitioning which doesn't make sense, cuz when something is revolving around your head, you still hear it albeit very little in your other ear. The other ear doesn't suddenly go deaf. In other words, it doesn't sound natural.

Nils Crona

for those saying that this app isnt working you're actually wrong. this app does. thanks for working for this app, keep up the good work, the visual is actually ok but need some more update to look more perfect, I suggested that add an animation while listening to 8D so we can enjoy the song more. the 8d effect seems fine but if you can work on it more please work on it you guys deserve these stars.?

Roma Schmeler

nice app... it actually does 8D effects with features to alter the way of 8D the user likes. so we can change the speed impact and radius of the 8D in headphones. no other app i installed gave me the option to alter the way of 8D into which I like. To the developer , is it possible to add a feature to convert a normal mp3 into a \"8D effect added Mp3\" and save it using the present app feature?

Dr. Hayden Bauch PhD

the best music player, I never seen in the playstore. It is really amazing in the world.I thankful to the app creater and to the staff.It is such a nice music app in the world,and I has been shared to my friends.

Aliyah Skiles

Not exactly 8D but your getting there! Great work! Make the audio sound as if it's at a concert and going from ear to ear all at the same time! 7.5/10, although I have one issue, songs dont play right away theres always a delay for a little bit. pls fix asap!

Lionel Bailey

wow. Great sound effect i have not ever heared from any other music player.. i almost used 10 to 15 music players. like 3d mp, amp, and google play music but the sound of this player is amazing... there is only one draw back of this player must be correct by dev. that is the sleep timer for this player shuts off playing songs before its time.....i have been facing this issue...

Miss Shawna Rolfson

it was nice to use,, but from my side ..i have som suggestions and problems.. like suddenly without any reason,, the player stops the music...AND yhe themes could be made better,,, equalizer is nice, also it supports system eqalizer tooo. good... hope u consider my suggestions..tnk u

Milan Hansen

I am facing a seriously huge bug When i installedthis app it worked fine thought it is actually moving sound gradually from 1 side of earphone to other... It was satisfactory. But after 3 days of use it is not playing music doesn't matter whatever i do. Pls fix this bug.. It is just wasting my phone storage lying uselessly