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A/D Watchface

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A/D Watchface apk icon

A/D Watchface

A/D watchface stands for Analog/Digital. This watchface always shows a digital clock and smoothly animates into an analog/digital clock combination after a flick of your wrist.

A/D has many features:
● Smooth animation between when switching to and from ambient mode
● Configurable complications (1, 2 or 4), also supports background complications such a Muzei
● Configurable fonts
● Configurable colors
● Enable/disable analog clock in ambient mode
● Different numerals styles
● Enable/disable analog clock
● Enable/disable seconds hand
● 12/24h clock
● Enable/disable leading zero
● Enable/disable notification count indicator
● Smooth or non-smooth second hand
● Burn-in safe (no on-screen elements larger than 6px)
● ... and even more!

Note: this watchface is optimized for round devices, but works on square devices without any issues.

Note 2: This watchface is NOT compatible with Samsung Gear devices or other smartwatches not running Android Wear.

Note 3: This watchface can be installed on your phone but will not show up in your app drawer. It is supported to simplify installation on your watch.

Note 4: Android Wear 2.0 is required for complications. The watchface will work on Android Wear 1.6 but will not show any data inside the complications!

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces A/D Watchface. A/D Watchface is developed by Maarten Van Giel and it has very stable version which is 1.5.0. A/D Watchface works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you A/D Watchface apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Michale Beatty Sr.

Super awesome watchface and a must have on Wear OS, love the customization options and you can edit almost every component of the design, but somehow I'm not able to use my digital crown to scroll through list, if this gets resolved consider a beer from me 😉

Prof. Chadrick Okuneva

Every time i try a different face, i end up coming back to this one. I haven't found any watch face that's this customizable and clean. My only wishes are: -The complications font could be smaller. My calendar events are cut off after the first word, which is kind if annoying -I wish there were a few options for the hands. even just 2-3 options for each hand would make a world of difference. If this is ever implemented, i request the Milgauss second hand please :)

Treva Hermann

Best watch face I've used. Looks beautiful. Good level of customization. Minimal impact on battery/performance. Could have been nice if there's a way to change the background.

Stewart Gulgowski

This is simply the best modern analog watchface available. Beautiful design, perfect proportions, and thoughtful customizations for color and style. the only critique I have is the small display for larger bottom complication. I have that set to next agenda item and wish more text could be displayed. The only other thing I will request is a calendar visualization around the edge of the face color coded to the calendars veing displayed. All that said, I still love this one the most! Beer sent 🍻

Henriette Wintheiser

Best look I've seen on a watchface, and I love the colored ambient mode. One thing I wish could be added in the future is the manual setting of ambient display brightness, and screen timeout length. I've seen this in other watch faces, only feature I miss after switching over to this one.

Stanton Koepp III

I like this face a lot. My only wish is that you could have the option to extend the inactivity timeout. 5 seconds or less is a bit too soon for it to dim in my opinion..

Colt Kiehn

Excellent design. Just missing 3100 animated ambient mode. Would be about perfect if it supported the 3100 chip animated ambient features such as sweeping second hand in ambient mode.

Willy O'Kon

My favorite watch face that I've used for years on my 1st gen Huawei. Tonight I needed to reset my watch and tried several new faces, but none could compare to this. This watchface is simple, elegant, with lots of information available without being cluttered. Thank you!

Mellie Halvorson MD

Awesome watch face. Only suggestion would be to draw the hour hand over the minute hand. Since the hour hand is shorter it gets completely covered by the minute hand when they are pointed in the same direction.

Monserrat Waters

Best watchface! Very customizable, could be minimalistic, or decked out, or anything in-between. only thing i would like to see is an option to get rid of the complications outline circles.