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ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics

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ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics

ABC Spelling is a colorful and easy to use educational game that helps young children learn the alphabet, sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. Play anytime and anywhere, it only takes a moment to turn on your phone and help your child learn the ABCs!

Featuring three games in one:

A picture is shown on the screen with letters outlined just above it. Children match the letters at the top by choosing from the tiles below, placing them in the correct order to spell out words.

Fill In Blank:
Kids spell out the name of the picture using letters on the screen. There’s just one catch, though: all the letters are jumbled up!

Blank Spelling:
Letters are placed at the bottom of the screen, but this time there’s no clue at the top!

ABC Spelling was designed with both adults and children in mind. Kids will love the bright graphics, the easy to touch icons, and the fun cartoon drawings. Parents will love the report card feature that helps track learning progress.

Best of all, ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics is absolutely free, with no third party ads, paywalls, or other distractions.

- Fun, educational activities for toddlers, kids, and parents alike!
- Colorful graphics and wonderful animations to help kids learn.
- Sounds to help children learn phonics for letters and words.
- Report cards show learning progress so parents can help their kids at every turn.
- Parents have complete control to set options and customize game modes to make learning more effective.
- Collect stickers to celebrate learning achievements!

Note to Parents:
ABC Spelling is a passion project for us. We want to reach kids across the world and give them an educational advantage. Children in cities, towns, even remote places where cell phones are more common than schools can benefit from a learning app like this one. There are so many kids who lack proper schooling, and that's why we want to remove as many barriers as possible to help them learn.

As parents, you can do a lot to help us spread the joy of education. Share this app with friends, family, schools, daycares, non-profit organizations, or simply post about it on Facebook or Twitter. One share, one tweet, can make a huge difference.

We're parents ourselves, and it's our goal to keep making free educational apps for kids. We need your help to make that happen. Every child should have a chance to learn the basics of spelling, phonics, and numbers. Together, we can give countless kids an opportunity they've never had. Thank you!

- Best wishes from the parents at RV AppStudios

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics. ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics is developed by RV AppStudios and it has very stable version which is 1.1.8. ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you ABC Spelling - Spell & Phonics apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mabel Waters

It's such a cute app, and I use your company's apps all the time for my younger students, but I have to speak over the voice because most of the phonemes are mispronounced. For example 'r' should make an \"er\" sound not \"ruh\" etc. Then soft 'g' in the word \"gem\" is sounded out with hard 'g'. Long vowels are mispronounced as short, and the silent 'e' shouldn't be pronounced at all. You should pair the vowel with the 'e' producing a long sound. Same goes for 'r' controlled words like \"car\".

Coralie Hegmann

this is great for my lilttle cousin studies! Thanks a lot for the full version but the app pronunciation is bit low to hear it..

Dr. Thurman Kiehn III

amazing and really without annoying adds

Alan Koss II

I love the great game.

Agnes Brakus

Fantastic! I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. I homeschool and this is a perfect way to enrich my kindergartener's curriculum. He fills up the bar to the trumpet once a day. I love the features: choosing lower case vs upper case letters, letter sound vs letter name. I can switch those up to keep the game challenging. Thank you for making it free plus ad free. I was expecting to pay for it.

Elza Lebsack Jr.

The app is awsome. This much long time my daughter did it happily. But suddenly its not working. After select a boat its blank. Only lion appears there. No activity all blank. I updated the app. But still same. So pls help.

Mr. Manuela Koepp IV

My 2 year old can't seem to get enough of this app. He loves it and it amazes me how well he matches the letters. Thank you!!! Will download more of your apps for him, the graphics are captivating.

Kamron Jenkins

I downloaded this for my 4 year old niece and I'm impressed! It helps her to sound out the letters and grasp the concept of speling. Brilliant app and I will continue using it to master her spelling. I only wish there were 2 letter words as well. I highly recommend for any child who is just learning to spell. She also loves the gifts and encouragement that's given.

Juwan Fahey

My 4 year old loves this game. He also likes the sound effects and will 'dj' the letters. He gets excited with the lion and fireworks. Thank you for creating these apps. I have shown them to his speech therapist and she loves them now too. By the way, he misses the old logo where the lion dances.

Kristofer Mohr Jr.

My daughter really loves this game, but I have to uninstall and download it every few days because the games load incorrectly. It's annoying and I've given up. Fix your glitches and stop disappointing children please!