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Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

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Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

Highly ACCURATE even without flashlight. Don’t burn your finger
1. You can easily turn off hot flashlight by clicking flashlight icon
2. You can measure heart rate (HR) and pulse rate consecutively without burning your finger

1. Unlimited measurements and feature (e.g., csv export, heart rate zone)
2. No Ad. No distraction
3. No additional hardware required. Just use your camera to check bpm.

Fully integrate with heartrate zone
1. Automatically calculate your target heart rate for the best workout and exercise results
2. Support all heart rate zones (i.e., extreme/peak, cardio, fat burn, warm up, resting)
3. Helpful for interval training, cardio training, CrossFit, cycling, running and weight control

Beautiful material UIs
1. Statistical analysis UI with graphs (e.g., min/max/avg)
2. Interactive UI for heart rate zone
3. Simple, but very effective UI

Support auto backup (> Android 6.0) and free csv export

* Heart rate monitor or pulse rate is very important health and fitness. You can start managing your heart rate now by using our heart rate monitoring and pulse check app.

How to use our heart rate monitoring app
* Just gently cover your fingertip on the back camera lens and stay still, then your heart beat will be counted after a few seconds. When you turn off flashlight, please measure in SUNLIGHT or WELL-LIT region for accurate heart rate measurement. It will show beats per minute (BPM). It works similar to existing pulsometer and HR monitor.

* According to American Heart Association (AHA), typical range of bpm in resting is 60 ~ 100. However, it will depend on your fitness level and emotional state too. If you observe irregular heart beat, please advise with your doctor.

* You can measure it after sleeping or during workout and training. Our app is doing similar to PPG, ECG or EKG, but only use camera in your phone, and still accurately capture your heart beat and pulse.

* We'd appreciate your valuable feedback. Please, report bugs or request features to [email protected]

Editor's Note

Purely designed Accurate Heart Rate Monitor has made by Health & Fitness AI Lab. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 2.2MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Accurate Heart Rate Monitor got its last update on Feb. 8, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Gerhard Prohaska DVM

I downloaded this app to replace another app that gives a good reading but has too many ads. I tried to take my pulse, it couldn't detect one. I tried fidgeting with the settings to make it more sensitive to my camera and I still had no pulse. I also noticed that even with the setting marked to use the flashlight while measuring there was never a flashlight. I tried 6 times in total, switching between left and right pointer finger. I'm pretty sure I have a pulse if I'm typing this. Uninstalled.

Rickie Weissnat

completely all over the map readings. it's not entirely their fault, these apps became less accurate as phone were designed with their lights farther away from the camera lens, but it would be nice to have a disclaimer that this app is incompatible with Galaxy phones

Kamryn Kemmer

Apparently this is targeted to people exercising, not people with heart issues. Although I can enter a comment for each reading, the history list instead shows me \"Warm up\", \"Resting\", \"Fat burn\" which is totally useless to me. There is no setting to change this.

Cletus Stanton

Works well, with this Samsung J5. It is very difficult and inconsistent using a finger tip, so I tried it on the edge of my palm, just above the wrist on the little finger side. This point (after a bit of juggling to get it right) gives consistently good results. It also allows you to use that hand's fingers to steady the phone. I use it daily now.

Darrel Smith

Surprisingly accurate! Took readings and then had a cardiology appointment, where the nurse got the same results! Easily installed and straight forward to use. I have a heart condition, so this app is a great help on a fixed budget.

Hailie Blick

This app SORT OF works. It is fast. WHEN it detects a pulse. It is not accurate. Three to five measurements in a row will yield all different (up and down) values. I'll just stick to good ole feeling at the wrist!

Sammy Schmidt

Highly accurate. Same reading as wrist monitor. Doctor wanted several readings a day after completing tasks. Easy to download info. Very easy to use and pleased with the results. Note: Remember to clean camera lens as oil or dirt from your finger can cause blurry pictures!

Cordie Green

this is a great little app. my daughter has a problem with her heart rate beating too fast. Sometimes it will beat up at 200 BPMs and it takes a good while to get it back to a normal rate so she has to keep a close eye on it. This app has helped many times to keep up with the rate so we know if and when we need to take her to the hospital..

Ms. Geraldine Gerlach MD

Works better when your heart is pumping harder so the camera can see the blood variation better. Resting heart rate is kind of finicky but it works well enough for what I need. I don't know if that can be fixed or if it's a limitation of the camera method. Either way, thanks for providing this app free of charge and ads.

Janiya Nolan III

seems to work but I need to compare it to a medical grade heart rate monitor to see how accurate it is. It doesn't have to be totally accurate as long as it's consistent and it's numbers. if this is correct it turns out I'm not trying hard enough during my exercise routines! who knew?