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Acrobat Star Show - Show 'em what you got!

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Acrobat Star Show - Show 'em what you got! apk icon

Acrobat Star Show - Show 'em what you got!

Congrats, girl! You’ve been accepted to the hottest talent show on TV - Acrobat Star Show! Show off your amazing acrobatic moves and impress the judges! Twist, flip & spin like never before! Wow the crowd with your unique routine. Get a brand-new makeup & hair look at the backstage salon!

You’ve been watching Acrobat Star Show forever, and now your dream has come true: you get to be a part of it!!! Millions of people around the world are watching you. You think you’re the girl who can win their hearts? Not only do you get to compete against the best up-and-coming girl and guy acrobats around, but you even get to choreograph your own acrobatic routines! And get your hair and makeup done at the backstage salon! Will you make it to the finals? And maybe even… win?!

> Compete against other contestants. Prove that no one can twist & flip as well as you!
> Behind the scenes can be almost as fun as the actual performance. Get ready for the show backstage!
> Look fab - the whole world’s watching you! Get your hair and makeup done at the backstage salon and choose the perfect performance leotard fit for a star girl.
> Amaze the judges and the audience with your incredible twist, cyr wheel and trapeze moves!
> Create your very own star routine.
> Wanna get more likes? Let your new makeup & hair salon look shine - take selfies with the audience and with the judges. Get photographed doing your marvelous acrobatic twist and trapeze moves!
> Being an acrobat star girl can be dangerous. Get your injuries treated at the doctor.
> Play a super-fun mini-game! If you copy the acrobatic moves perfectly, you score extra points!

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Mrs. Roxane Windler

I love this game very much! I always been interested in acrobats and this game just really caught my attention/eyes and looked really fun! I was right and it's very entertaining \u0026 cool. The only thing I don't like is how many ads there are.. Doesn't bother me that much though but just a little. Last thing I'm bothered by is how most of the clothing and beauty makeover spot is locked and you have to pay real money for it. I understand that but I'm just saying :) Other then that, it's amazing!

Ottis Okuneva

A nice game, don't get the social media and photo taking part of the game. Please adjust how much stuff you have to pay for, if you want to change the nail polish colour by watching a video you can do that but then it automatically locks the nail art which you then have to pay for which is extremely annoying! The game is realistic and clever with the judges, you should not lock and have to pay for many things, if you want a picture with the judges you watch a video and then you have three chances to get the right photo, you then pick the best, but if you don't like any you have to leave watch the video again and try again! If you want to make people install this game then change and adjust some stuff!

Wilhelmine Koelpin

I would count this as an addictive game if there weren't so many adds, it didn't keep taking me off, and if I wouldn't have to pay money for make up in a GAME!! It's so annoying how I have to click those two who want make up, and then I have to x out again. Another thing that bothers me is the amount of leotards you have to buy or watch an add for, and all of the ugly ones are free. Plz fix that!!!!

Flo Schimmel

This game sucks. You cant do enything unless you pay money wich is very stuipied. I recomend you donot play. It also crashed my conputer. DONT PLAY THIS HORIBLE GAME UNTIL THEY FIX IT!!

Justus Wyman

I hate this app! You know why? because every time you lose a round you have to start all over back to season 1 why can't you just go down 1 level instead of all of them? I was soooo close to the final round and then I lost and I had to go back to season 1 and I was so MAD ? So if I were you I would so not get this app it's horrible!

Mr. Nathen Braun

I don't care what you people say about this game; it's AMAZING! Five stars! Keep up the good work! And let in those updates, coco. (maybe I'll love it even more!) :3

Shanny Olson

I prefer you to not get the app, why? Because every time you do a 1 on 1 competition and you lose you have to start over and go back to episode 1. it's horrible. I all ready started over twice when i was on 9 and episode 11 . that is literally horrible don't get it.

Clifford Krajcik

I love the game and if u don't win just keep trying I'm glad I installed it it my favourite game on my phone. My sister loves the game as well but she can't install it . play it every day after school and I play abit before school .I like how the judges actually replied to u and usely I get 4 stars but I do want 5 stars but I just keep trying remember never give up thanks for listening bye

Henriette Reichert

It is fun. I like swinging and stuff. But I hate that there are too many ads. Its really hard to do the moves. I did a move and they did not like it. I did it do late! I also hate that l LOT of things cost money.

Earline Nader IV

Its really fun and amazing but i just wish that you could do the other skills at the beginning and i know that you have to build up your skills but let us do the other activities its our fault if we suck. Were not gonna get hurt or anyrhimg, its a game