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Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser is an easy to use, customizable web browser that gives you control over your mobile browsing experience. Block ads, browse faster, save battery life & data. Quick, safe & private.

"Adblock Plus is forcing the ad industry to re-think its core proposition" - MediaPost
“Adblock Browser for iOS and Android makes it easy for non-technical people to reduce the number of mobile web ads they see and protect themselves from known malware sites.” - ExtremeTech
Bless Adblock for trying to keep that advertising from ruining the web - Gizmodo

From the team behind Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker for desktop browsers, Adblock Browser allows you to take back control of your mobile browsing experience.

Focusing on privacy, security and user control, Adblock Browser offers the following benefits:

A built-in ad blocker. Block annoying and intrusive ads, such as ads on videos, saving data and battery life in the process. By default, respectful ads that meet the strict criteria of the Acceptable Ads initiative are shown, which helps support great content creators. Want to block all ads? No problem. Easy to use options allow you to control what you see.

Secure browsing. Blocking intrusive ads minimizes the risk of “malvertising” infections. Recommended by Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Adblock Browser makes protecting yourself from malware easy.

Enhanced privacy. With a few simple taps you can disable tracking. Adblock Browser lets you browse the web anonymously and stop companies from tracking your online activity.

Added user control. You choose to disable tracking, block all or some ads, or even choose which search engine you want to use. But the control doesn’t stop there. Adblock Browser allows you to add filter lists, whitelist websites and disable social media buttons and anti-ad blocking messages.

Ease of use. Adblock Browser is intuitive, offers smooth scrolling and has easy bookmarking and keyboard features. Changing any setting takes only a few taps.

By downloading and installing the application, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Please note: At the moment users cannot import bookmarks from other browsers.

Please note: An internet connection is required to use this app

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Adblock Browser for Android from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Adblock Browser for Android is 1.4.0. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Adblock Browser for Android made by eyeo GmbH very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Golden Nicolas III

I must say, I had to change my initial review of this app and now give it what it really deserves the full 5 stars. It was not the app I was frustrated with it was my previous phone carrier which was cricket. I now have T mobile. A employee of cricket even recommended this app and with proper instructions/setup and application I have ABSOLUTELY NO AD interference. I can't express enough how truly filled with peace I now am. Thank you so much!!! Truly.

Prof. Adolf Nolan DVM

Used to he the best browser for several years until about 2018- it would appear to just freeze. Putting in a URL in an existing or new tab would just give me a white browser screen, nothing would happen whether on wifi or cell data. I reinstalled and still same issue. Only fix is to force stop the browser. I then upgraded to a new Note 9 and still- same issue. Sometimes it happens so many times in a row now the browser is unusable and MADDENING. Switching to another browser. Hope devs fix it!

Dr. Gabe Herzog

generally love the app. lately it seems to open to a white screen. no buttons no tabs. no updates for it and clicking force stop fails to resolve. a full reboot is tedious when i have three browsers, so i end up using another browser until i reboot. issue persists weeks later, reducing rating to 1 as it is non functional until resolved. yes it happens on launch, not able to go to any sites. i look forward to the update. crash loop. cannot even launch now.

Sydni Swift

After last update, arent able to view image without visiting a site through google image search. Freeze a lot after closed app, have to force stop app through app manager and clear cache, and when doing that I get a frozen white screen 9/10 time upon launch. OnePlus 5t, browser language english, located Denmark. Update: Tried the recommended beta, and upon first time launching the app, I envountered the exact same problem wheb using google and app freeze.

Noble Nitzsche

I tried to load youtube. My phone went into power saving mode before the page would load. What's worse is you couldn't scroll or anything until it finished loading. I will never know how long it takes to load youtube because after my screen went dark, the page reset to a blank screen. I uninstalled the app.

Jasmin Marvin

(I wish 10 stars) I was playing a game, every ad make me out of control. And everytime I make a long text, it erase it. I keep finding a app to stop them. I keep going until finally, it stopped! You were the best app I ever had to block adds. Thank you sooo much!

Enrique Shields

good browser needs work. it will block ads if you clear all things in settings, but if you exit even with all options selected to clear when you exit it does not. Also if you do not manually clear all things and go to, say Yahoo, it will have all the ads showing. It also does not yet work on Android Q yet.

Gayle Aufderhar

On Android Q (10) Adb browser cannot go anywhere. I get an error page \"Unexpected response from server. Adblock Browser doesn't know how to communicate with the server... This is a great browser usually \u0026 I hope this can be fixed promptly.

Kamryn Walker

Getting a lot of white screens and pages failing to load. Whenever you do a search or try and access a website it's just a white screen, the page doesn't even try and load, you just get nothing. Happens 9/10 times, it's only by luck that this app works correctly. Love the app but it just never works. Hope the devs can fix it soon.

Dr. Stefan Cronin IV

Well, I was happy at first when I didn't see any adds. after a few minutes, I realized that i Didn't see anything. The top half of the page was blurred when I scrolled back up. of course nothing was tappable and it took a while to refresh the page. the page was frozen even after I disabled adblocker. i am sorry but i had to uninstall it only several minutes after I installed the app.