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Adventure Escape: Framed

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Adventure Escape: Framed

A student has been murdered and his body dumped in your mentor’s office!

Detective Kate Gray’s mentor, former Police Chief Sylvia, finds the dead body of a college student in her office. Kate’s investigation uncovers suspicious activity on campus. Could the gang problems, drug deals, and vandalism be related? Broaden the pool of suspects and uncover hidden connections between them. Match blood samples with evidence gathered at the scene. Has a false arrest been made? Is a deeper conspiracy afloat? Use your wits to solve puzzles in Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder!

Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and see if you can find the killer!

Play this premium escape game!

- Beautiful graphics bring to life!
- Explore the the university and unravel its history of crime!
- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!
- Get the whole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!
- Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!
- Memorable characters!
- Find hidden objects that help you break free!

Solve the mystery in Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder! Can you clear your friend’s name and crack the case before the murderer strikes again?

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Adventure Escape: Framed from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Adventure Escape: Framed is 1.27. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. Adventure Escape: Framed made by Haiku Games very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Ottilie Sauer

It's an enjoyable game. Level of difficulty is just right. Pretty fun and nice story as well. I did restart a level because I just made a guess in one of the puzzles and skipped one of the clues in Lansky's office. The flashlight didn't respond and I got two lightbulbs and nothing was responding so I played it again, step by step in getting all the clues. It would've been nice if it didn't glitch when I skipped a clue.

Shaniya Mante

This is the third game I've played by Haiku, and I'm impressed by their originality, both in the storylines and in continually coming up with creative new puzzles. For the most part, everything works very well, and the graphics are great! I will keep playing their games as long as they keep making them

River Ruecker

fantastic! just the right amount of challenging, but not obscure. puzzles were great (except the rope one at the end. took me quite a few tries. however if you save the stars the whole game, can skip that one if it's too tough. I powered thru it) and the story was interesting! one of the best escapes by Haiku for sure

Jude Moen

I just started the game and finished the first level. It seems good, so far. I like the puzzles, it's a more realistic 'search for clues' type of game. Others I've played have random objects placed in random rooms, which I never understood. This game doesn't have that problem. You feel like a real investigator.

Bianka Sporer Jr.

The game is great but once you get to level 6 I believe most people get (meaning me) stuck on that jail cell PC puzzle.. I've had tried it numerous times and can't seem to get pass it. Good game and all but I'm done playing it. Thank you.

Leda Eichmann

This game is great! The puzzles are challenging enough to be fun and I only get stuck occasionally. I did experience a glitch in the application, where the dialogue screen would not go away.

Frederic McLaughlin

Great game!! This is actually one of the easier Adventure Escape games I've played. Haunted Hunt is crazy hard to figure out sometimes. No matter the difficulty, Haiku makes great games!

Jett Funk

This is the best game I've ever played. It will really test your wits and your knowledge and I really recommend this app for those looking for thrilling crimes and puzzles to solve. Love it. Thank you for making this game.

Houston Schamberger

I love games like this...the problem I have with this one, is it doesn't register certain items. I spent all my stars trying to get a lock combo, which I had in the first place. I entered it multiple times but it didn't register until after I spent everything I had.

Kale Hansen Jr.

Awesome Sauce! One of the best escape games I've played up to date! Absolutely loved the difficulty of this game and I enjoyed the time spent on each clue. It took a minute for the ropes but eventually I got it. Keep making these games. I am truly a fan!! Can't wait to download the next one.