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Age of Civilizations Lite

Age of Civilizations LITE is a turn-based strategy game in which your object is to dominate the world.

• Full version:

• Maps:
- Earth | [342 Provinces]
- Kepler-22b | [404 Provinces]

• Orders are submitted before each round. The number of orders you can submit during each round is limited by your Movement Points for that round.
• After orders are submitted, civilizations execute actions in turn order, which is randomized at the start of each round.

• Map
- The capital is the most important province in a civilization. If you lose your capital for 3 turns, your civilization will no longer exist. If you capture another civilization’s capital, you obtain all of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive bonus: +15% and an offensive bonus: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed.
- Transparent provinces are neutral. Provinces with color belong to other civilizations.
- You can scale the map. To go back to the standard scale, double tap the map. If scale is other than standard on minimap you can see '!' in top right.
- Use the Economy and Population buttons to view each province’s Economy and Population values. Use the diplomacy button to view each province’s owner and engage in diplomacy (see Orders- Diplomacy View).

• Treasury
- Money is added to your treasury through income tax, which is based off your civilization’s total population and economy. Money is subracted from your treasury for military upkeep, which is based off your amount of military units (units at sea have a higher upkeep than units on land).

• Orders - Normal View
- Move: move units from one province to another. You can move between provinces you control or attack another civilization’s province.
- Recruit: recruit units from the selected province. This costs money and is limited by the population of the province. Recruiting from a province reduces its population.
- Build: construct a building in the selected province (see Building Types). This costs money.
- Disband: remove units from the selected province. This decreases military upkeep.
- Vassal: creates a vassal state with another civilization.
- Annex: brings a vassal state back under your full control.

• Orders - Diplomacy View
- War: declare war on a civilization.
- Peace: submit a peace offer to a civilization. If accepted, your civilizations will no longer be at war.
- Pact: submit a pact offer to a civilization. If accepted, the civilizations cannot attack each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War order one round in advance.
- Alliance: submit an alliance offer to a civilization. If accepted, that civilization will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War order to let allies know who your targets are.
- Kick: end an alliance with a civilization.
- Support: give money to a civilization.

• Building Types
- Fort: gives a province a defense bonus.
- Watch tower: allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces.
- Port: allows units to move into the sea. Units at sea can move back onto any land province, even if it doesn’t have a port.

• 191 Civilizations
• Vassals
• Offline and Online achievements
• Offline and Online Hall of Fame
• Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements!
• Random placment
• Random fill
• Random games

• Scenarios:
- Modern world
- Modern world Full
- World war I
- World war I Full
- World war II
- World war II Full
- Custom scenarios!

• Three different types of fog of war:
- Off
- Standard
- Full

• Tutorial

• Available languages
- English
- Čeština
- Español
- Deutsch
- Français
- Italiano
- 日本語
- Polski
- Português
- Russian
- 한국어
- Türkçe
- 简体中文
- 繁體中文

Special thanks to all translators!

Contact: [email protected]

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Age of Civilizations Lite. Age of Civilizations Lite is developed by Łukasz Jakowski and it has very stable version which is 1.15_AoC2 Lite. Age of Civilizations Lite works with all the android devices if the device is Android 9 and above. We always provide you Age of Civilizations Lite apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Prof. Markus Dooley

Great game but its not for younger people very tatical game and is not realistic but can be realistic in quite alot of ways it shows that country dominate. Plus you can decide wars try to make peace with countrys that your facing they can decline or agree and theres many other things its a very good offline game

Kody Hodkiewicz

Runs painfully slow and choppy on an HTC U11 (not a U11 Life or any of the weaker models; a full fledged U11 with a Snapdragon 835). I have no clue why as the game doesn't look graphically demanding at all, and the issue persists even at times when the AI shouldn't be thinking (like in the main menu or on your turn). I'm fine with the demo being skimmed down, but why render the whole earth if you can only play in Europe. It's unnecessary and distracting: not only is it *initially* confusing of where you can and cannot play/move troops, but it's *forever* more inconvenient to tap on specific provinces since they're small on the map and you can only zoom in so much. Actual gameplay is intuitive enough (for easier difficulties), but does a *horrible* job with explaining itself. What does each building do? What does higher population (viewed from the map mode) actually contribute? What's the benefit of puppeting a rival instead of absorbing then? Maybe at least some of these are answered in the menus, but the menus are so clunky and the game is so choppy that I don't have the patience to hunt for them.

Dr. Wilhelm Tillman DVM

1. Adding a online mod will be a huge success to the game. 2. More control choices to the State to let the player feel like he have authority of the country he/she role. 3. Improve graphics what I mean by that seeing mountains trees places like that u know. 4. Put a main character to the game. Getting these 4 things in the game will lead more people to review and download the game even to buy the full game I didn't that's why these things is not there sorry.

Felipa Ward

it is fun, but you need to be very clever if you wanna a good game, because the easy level is that you win and it get boring,still good for a 10 mb game guys!

Ellen Cormier

The AI alliance members take everything you try to. If their army joins yours, and you attack someone and win, they take it not you.

Prof. Jaqueline Pouros DVM

Very fun game, it would be better if they toned down on the serious plugging of the full game. If you can, I'd advise you to buy the full game. It's awesome if you're into this stuff. (World Domination and government bodies)

Rosalia Torp MD

the game is awesome i am not going to lie its shows alot of countrys though it does not have all the countrys whixh is a ahame the movement of armys is good it doesnt lag works offline and is the best game like it. keep it up 👌👌

Mr. Timmy Lang

Alright so the movement point system is the definition of dogshit, it doesn't seem to apply to the enemy, this is total bullcrap as I cant seem to win on the harder diffoculties because of this, at least try to support the game a little bit... Other than that it's pretty good.

Davonte Torphy

having performance problems with oneplus 6 and oreo android. At first runs smoothly but after I zoom then it gets choppy. Also tested on a tablet and the same thing.

Isac Murazik

Buggy and generally lazy, but for the lite version of a game it really is worth a try!