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Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building

Download Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building apk for free.

Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building apk icon

Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building

You’re in the biggest airport of the craft world! As a commander of the best airline, expand your business, build bigger airports and become the airline tycoon! Play Airport Craft – the best fly simulator in the whole mobile crafting & building games genre!

Welcome to the JFK Airport!
Do you like flying games? Play Airport Craft for free and enjoy beautiful crafting & building games high in the sky! Create the best airline in the world and manage hundreds of airports! Control air traffic and become the airline tycoon! Build a whole JFK airport using blueprints and crafting & building skills in the boys craft game!

Play fun minigames!
Go on an adventure and explore the world. Build an airport anywhere you want! You can also relax and play on of fun minigames! Visit an amusement park at Coney Island or build an airport there! Play funny flying games, use fly simulator and pilot airplanes! Do you like air traffic control and plane craft? Play the mix of these awesome genres!

Fall in love in the flight games!
Airport is the place where you can fall in love! Use exploration mode to find a date and pilot this love airplanes together! New York JFK airport could be romantic place! Become as good heart commander as airline manager! Use your airplanes to impress your dates! Airline dating? Games like this are unique and fun! Buy new clothes and dress up however you want! Party at the airport with your girlfriend, boyfriend or love of your life! It’s like a second life simulator with fly simulator and boys craft!

Boys Craft of your dreams!
Are you ready to become an airline tycoon? Use your managing skills to take air plane simulator games to the new level! In this crazy boys craft game you can build any airport, travel and pilot your own air plane! Simulator mode let you create real airport empire! Win the prize and be named “airline tycoon of the year”! In the Boys Craft games anything is possible!

Exploration and building in fly simulator!
Airport Craft is one of the best combination of exploration games, dating games and… NY City building games! Build a new airport, manage air traffic and have fun in air plane simulator! Use your imagination in funny Crafting & Building mode where you can rebuild with blocks whatever you want or even destroy everything and have fun with NY building! Games where air planes never stop are the best! Play funny flying games in the best boys craft ever!

Airport Craft features:
✈️ Crafting & Building mode. An advanced tool for every fan of crafting and… building things like private jet or air planes for your own!
✈️ Dating games in the romantic scenery of JFK airport in New York! Find a boyfriend or girlfriend or… love of your life!
✈️ Fun minigames. Enjoy NYC Theme Park or Coney Island Amusement Park!
✈️ Commander of airline. Become real airline tycoon!
✈️ Flying games and awesome blueprints to make building easier!
✈️ Fly simulator in the world of Crafting & building!

Take a cab to New York JFK airport and realize you can manage it! Pilot your own air planes in the best fly simulator in the crafting & building games! Don’t wait and download Airport Craft FOR FREE! Enjoy flying games of your dreams!

Editor's Note

Purely designed Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building has made by Survival Crafting & Exploration Adventure Games. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as Varies with device you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Airport Craft: Fly Simulator Boys Craft Building got its last update on May 14, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Jason Willms IV

it is very well built i recommend downloading it it is so fun yyou get to make stuff were every you want like i said download it

April Franecki IV

this game is very nice and good I love this game when it was still a beta

Miss Frances Jenkins V

do not download this game my little brother who is 6 the people in the game were asking weird question like where do you like what's your first name??

Mr. Dagmar McLaughlin V

i have to write feedback this game only stop ???

Prof. Earnestine Collins

I love this game because it has skins and has remaining block, and it has planes in it

Maxine White


Jadyn Kautzer

its the best because you can fly aplane and drive cars with no license

Reva Kemmer

All your craft game are so glichy that it crashes my phone you guys need to improve and fix the laging problem ASAP

Marc Ankunding

I like this game my. sister have a like im downloading this game

Jayda Wisozk

I love this game! ☻But you can crush planes and get fired.☹