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Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free

Download Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free apk for free.

Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free apk icon

Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free

⏰Alarm clock, that won’t let you down!
Our Alarm clock app doesn’t drain the battery and always goes off.
You can set your favorite alarm clock ringtones or wake up to the radio. Choose the preferred way of turning off the alarm. And wake up no matter what.

Set alarm clock and choose the most convenient shutdown type:

♦ Math alarm clock (solving a math problem)
♦ Graph key (draw a figure on the points)
♦ Button holding
♦ Phone shaking
♦ Typing a word shown on the screen
♦ Pushing the sound buttons
♦ Tap button on the screen

Our loud alarm clock has a lot of useful utilities

* 7 ways to turn off the alarm clock app for free
* Custom music, sounds and ringtones
* Timer, stopwatch and night quiet alarm clock
* Loudest alarm clock (for the MushTrip version)
* Smart alarm with snooze button and night mode
* Daily news and online radio

Our smart alarm clock can turn into the type you choose yourself:

Alarm app with your own music
It's always better to wake up to the favorite music. That’s why you can set on the alarm clock any sounds, music or ringtones. Make this alarm clock digital your personal morning playlist and get fresh awakening.

Math alarm clock
One of the perfect ways to wake up your brain is to solve easy math problem. Otherwise our free alarm clock won’t turn off.

Graph alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Sometimes you absolutely don’t want to think in the morning. But want to create. In that case, it’s enough to set the alarm by choosing the graph key as a shutdown type.

Multiple alarms
Alarm clock HD for free has a snooze button, that gives to sleep a bit longer but won’t let to abuse it. For even more gentle awakening you can set the alarm clocks for Android with rising sound.

Alarm clock radio
Those, who like diversity can set the radio on the best alarm clock instead of music. And to be aware of the latest events, our alarm clock digital shows the freshest news.

Alarm clock with music notifications
Why not to use the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers as a planner? Just set the loudest alarm clock on needed time and rename for convenience.

No needs even to open the loudest alarm clock to check the puzzle alarm is on. Just mark in the settings that you want to see the actual digital alarm clock in notifications.

Alarm clock to wake you up free no matter what
Loud alarm clock sounds will wake you up. Not a chance. You may throw it away. Our custom alarm clock will keep ringing.

We’re waiting for your comments and ratings😊

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free. Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free is developed by MushTrip and it has very stable version which is 6.5. Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Alarm Clock with Ringtones for free apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Nina Runolfsdottir MD

I really love this app it almost makes me excited to wake up in the morning. whatever this app is doing keep doing it!😁😀

Prof. Dock Runolfsson PhD

very good espesily when i remember to turn it on btw leav it on the alarm screen before u go to beb

Sydnee Johns

For some reason , I could not control whether or not the alarm was set for for A.M. or P.M. no matter how hard I tried, making me upset. Otherwise, I personally love this app and hope the creators fix it soon, because it is worthy of a Five star rating and not a Three star rating like the one given here.

Birdie Greenholt

if i counld rate this zero stars i will this app doesnt even let me set a alarm i have a better tablet then my sister as this app and it works on hers pls thx this or else i will tell people never to use this app and u will shut down!!!!!!!!!!!

Shana Schamberger

This is a brill app but I have a suggestion. Please can you update or change the app, so that is has songs on the app that u can choose. So, you can choose a song to use as an alarm. Thankyou xxx

Cara Lebsack

Every time I went to put an alarm--it would take me off the app completely...terrible. It had too many ads and little things to do--like only turn up the brightness.

Ms. Frieda Bauch

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Guy Dickens

Does it's job as it's supposed to. I wish I could say the same about my coworkers.

Althea Keebler

Its got songs on there you havent even of downloaded its just really good because you dont need to go on YouTube and download the songs thank you so much creating this app!

Liliane O'Connell

it is good but if 2 alarms go off in a certain time like 6:00 alarm without snoosing/disabiling then your next one goes off there is no way of turning it off