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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Introducing the most amazing Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app yet! Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner has been reinvented as the most popular food-focused social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks who play a part in helping cooks discover and share the joy of home cooking.

The latest version of the app is better than ever:
• Feed: Personalized for you and gets smarter with every recipe you save and make; and each cook you follow.
• Improved search options: Search by keyword, ingredients to include/exclude as well as by dietary need & ready in time.
• Favorites and Collections: Save your favorite recipes for quick access anywhere and create, organize and share recipe collections to make finding favorite recipes a snap.
• Cook with what’s on sale: See which recipe ingredients are on sale near you! We’ll also suggest a recipe when you walk into a store (select stores).
• Step-by-step cooking videos: More than 1000 mobile-friendly recipe videos with step-by-step cooking instructions and you can skip to the parts you want to see quickly (Tablet).
• Sharing: I Made It feature makes it super easy to brag about your cooking triumphs with friends – on Allrecipes, and in your Facebook feed.
• Cook’s profiles: Everything you’ve created, saved and made… in one convenient place.
• Shopping list: Just tap to add entire recipes or ingredients to your shopping list.
• Updated, streamlined design that’s the same across your phone, tablet and PC.

Allrecipes members know the value of reviews! Just like in cooking, reviews help us evaluate what you like, and what needs improvement.
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Unfortunately, we can’t reply to concerns and suggestions through Google Play. If you send them to [email protected], we’ll be able to respond personally.

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is 6.5.7. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner made by, Inc. very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Queenie Hill

I love this app! I use Dinner Spinner just about every day. Personalized cookbook is easy to use and organize, and allows me to record notes and pictures for recipes. The Spinner tool offers tons of new ideas based on the ingredients I want to use, as well as the mode of cooking I am planning. App is very user-friendly and fun. 5 stars when the crash issue gets fixed.

Estefania Deckow

I LOVE allrecipes! The app is pretty great too! It does crash some but it could be my phone, but its still great. I always look here for a recipe and I'm never disappointed, anything a person could possibly want to make is here and most often in multiple versions, all rated by the users based on quality and the reviews often turn up helpful hints, shortcuts or technique. Definitly a favorite site for me!

Angelo Moen

So much fun!!! You can make a shopping list, search for any recipe you've ever heard of \u0026 a lot you haven't \u0026 you can use the DINNER SPINNER. It allows you to choose what type of meal you are looking for; breakfast, lunch, dinner \u0026 dessert. Also, the dinner sober allows you to choose a prep/cook time so Tooooooooty can plan your meals ahead \u0026 best of all, you can choose what you'd like the main course to be, whether it be beef, chicken, lamb etc. All in all, a great app. I highly recommend it.

Ms. Thalia Paucek

Don't know what to make for a meal? This is my go to Ideas. It never misses. I found old recipes from my childhood \u0026 new ones to try. If I don't like one there is another to try. I can't say enough of how great this app is. I have used this website for many many years. This is great for beginners \u0026 for us experienced cooks. Have taught my husband from it just recently. I love that I can make a menu for each Holiday \u0026 don't have to look for them again. This app can not be more PERFECT!

Terry Brekke

the spin option cuts off most of the picture on the second row so I cant see what it has clicked. I downloaded hoping I could enter ingredients I had and itd tell me what I could make but it doesnt have that option. it also wants permission to view my location and other things and there is no need for that if all I want to see is recipes. uninstalling.

Wilhelm Waelchi

Omg the worst recipe app ever. Completely nonfunctional, if you make a shopping list - dont expect the recipes to be easily accessible when you return, then if you want to watch the videos they attach, dont. You wont be able to. No matter how fast your internet is, (not to brag but ours is amazing) you will end up with a 15 second play ability before it stops - restart it? yeah that only let's you end up with the same 15 seconds before another freeze. This is the worst recipe app available

Vernice Rutherford

My daily go to app! I'm a subscriber to All Recipes as well. Recipes are great and always easy to add your own spin with not much of a change in timing. Very easy to follow instructions! GREAT JOB Y'ALL! Thanks for the great recipes online and in your mags!

Nicklaus Parisian I

App constantly crashes on my Pixel 2. In response to anything I try to do (i.e., search fot recipes, access the dinner spinner, look for my feed or favorites), the app comes back with \"Oops! We are missing information.\", leaving me looking at a blank page. I used to have nearly flawless use of this app (been a member since 2010 or 11). Dont know what's up with this iteration.

Kailey Cummerata

I always come here to find a great recipe. I always know im going to get a great variety of recipes from all over. It's so nice to know if i need a chicken recipe I go to Allrecipes \u0026 there's thousands of recipes for it. Even if your looking to just give your mashed potatoes a pick-me-up you will find so many great recipe's its hard to just pick one. Its very nice to use people's recipe's that have been in there family's for generations. You will always find \u0026 more what you are looking for.

Mrs. Patsy VonRueden II

I just downloaded the app so until I actually use it a couple or three times, I really can't rate it good or bad. However, I really like Allrecipes website, so my hopes are high and I'll probably be back to give it 5 stars.