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Ambience - Nature sounds

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Ambience - Nature sounds

Ambience it's a mixer of relaxing sounds. You can mix many nature sounds and music in order to obtain your ideal relaxed ambience based on your mood. All sounds are high quality!

You can use this app for sleeping, meditation, concentration, reading or just relaxing.

Minimize anxiety, insomnia, and the symptoms of tinnitus by using this handy sound compiler to mask the annoying and distracting sounds around you.

Contains nearly 100 high quality relaxing sounds (all free) for any mood, divided in the following categories:

★ Rain sounds (Morning rain, Umbrella, Thunders, Light rain, Heavy rain, Distant thunder, Tent, Window, Roof)
★ Ocean sounds (Calm waves, Waves, Seagulls, Scuba diver, Dolphins, Sailboat, Whale, Foghorn, Harbor)
★ River sounds (River, Creek, Waterfall, Brook)
★ Night sounds (Crickets, Grasshoppers, Owls, Wolves, Loon, Frogs, Coyote, Coqui, Whippoorwill)
★ Countryside sounds (Blackbirds, Nightingale, Swallows, Turtledove, Eagle, Crows, Farm, Cowbells, Sheep, Horse, Ducks, Cicadas, Train horn, Carriage, Cow)
★ Wind sounds (Light wind, Strong wind, Mountain wind, Under the door, Among the trees)
★ Fire sounds (Fireplace, Campfire, Oil stove)
★ Relaxing music (Piano, Guitar, Violin, Harp, Flute, Sax, Native american flute)
★ Traditional Asian sounds (Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Bells, Om, Flute, Didgeridoo, Chimes, Guzheng, Temple)
★ City/Urban sounds (Musician, Coffee Shop, Fountain, Children, Traffic, Road work, Subway, Train station)
★ Home sounds (Fan, Air Conditioner, Hairdryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Cat purring, Shower, Washing Machine, Jacuzzi, Fridge, Vintage Clock, Gas Stove, Heater)
★ White noise, Pink noise, Brown noise
★ Binaural beats (Headache, Insomnia, Relaxation, Anxiety, Meditation, Intuition, Creativity, Energy, Love)

You can mix many relaxing sounds together and adjust the volume of each of them. When you find an ideal relaxing ambience, you can save your combination in order to playback it when you want.

Designed with an interactive and intuitive user-interface, this app allows you to create and mix your own ambiance. You can save as many sound combinations as you like and play them whenever you are studying, walking home, reading, and even when preparing to sleep (an in-app timer can be set to allow auto-stop whenever you fall asleep).

Are you lazy? Do not worry. There are already many preset combinations ready to use. Just open the menu, touch Ambiences and load an ambience.

The relaxing sounds can be played in the background while you browse your device and use other applications.

*** Main features ***

★ Mix up to 10 sounds simultaneously
★ Individual volume control
★ Saving of the combinations
★ Many preset combinations
★ Timer for the automatic closing
★ Mute on incoming calls

*** Benefits for sleep ***

Have you trouble falling asleep? These relaxing sounds calm your mind, relax your body and help you to sleep well. Now you fall asleep faster and sleep better.
Say goodbye to your insomnia! Good sleep is essential to a happy life.

*** Benefits for concentration ***

Have you trouble concentrating in the study, in the work or in reading? These background sounds promote your concentration by covering the annoying external noises.

*** Benefits for meditation ***

You can use these chill out sounds for your yoga sessions.
The sounds of nature relieve the stress of modern life. The human mind reacts positively when it hears the sounds of nature because they arouse emotions that remind our primordial environment. Hear the sounds of nature leads us away from the noise and daily stress to make us return to the calm of our origins.

*** Benefits for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) ***

Have you tinnitus? Do not worry. These relaxing sounds help you by covering the ring in your ears.

Editor's Note

Well known Ambience - Nature sounds is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Ambience - Nature sounds developed and announced by mikdroid. Current version of the apk file is 1.16.1 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Dec. 28, 2018. Also Ambience - Nature sounds is very famous in Lifestyle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Ambience - Nature sounds if your device android version is Android 17 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Miss Shanon Lehner Jr.

So far so good with this app. Just upgraded to the premium version to support the devs - also the ads were driving me up the wall. Great to be able to save personalised combinations of sounds. The samples themselves seem to be of a high quality with long (seemless) loops - so not much repetition there. Will update if I run into any issues. So far, definitely one of the better 'ambience' apps out there....and there are many! ;-)

Prof. Amir Schinner

this apps water/rain sounds are better than all other apps The sounds are more real and don't sound like a bunch of static I also love the way you can add more sounds, more than three, at a time. Really big selection of sounds compared to other apps, and I've tried them all. Do yourself a favor. Download this and save yourself some time. I am 64 and really like this app

Yessenia Fahey

Ambience has about 100 sounds to choose from. The sounds could be used for background noise, to set the mood, as a sound track, or for many other uses. I love to use Ambience to help me fall asleep. I am a light sleeper and I notice all of the sounds in my environment. The sounds and ambient drown out all of the other sounds, so I sleep much better. It works great at hotels. My favorite sounds are \" Morning right \", \"fan\", \"air conditioner\", and \"waterfall\".

Letitia VonRueden Sr.

Really great sounds! I have tried most sounds apps, and this is the best. Has a huge selection of sounds, not only Nature sounds. One of my favorites that I listen to every night is a train horn. There are many different types of rain sounds - on an umbrella, tin roof, etc. I haven't been paid or anything for this review. I just love the app :)

Ms. Camila Renner Sr.

Love this app! ? It does NOT fill your phone with Ads. It works wonders with sleep \u0026 relaxation. You can layer different sounds to customize exactly what you want to hear, an option that alot of other apps offer. Plus it does not shut off unless you set the timer, (I leave it on for the kids all night) AND it doesn't kill my battery life either. #MomWin???☺

Winifred Connelly

i love it and hate it. the sounds are great every evening i change it to something different. The really bad are the ads some are quite scary to the point im worried about malware being installed if your not careful. They take over your screen with an itty bitty x you almost always miss so you can accidentally click the ad. im debating on uninstalling.

Jaiden Daniel DVM

I unistalled and re-installed, the ringing seems to be gone. I love this app! Even with its glitches. I've contributed and think this is an exciting app. (I hope it stops turning itself off for no reason in night. Cuz i like to have its beautiful sounds ?? Cross my fingers)

Joannie Pagac

omg like the best app ever! i helps me fall asleep and there are so many different sounds i can play multiple sounds at once as well. also ill use some like city noises or country noises or anything else and make a story in my head (i know that sounds wierd but i love making uo stories in my head) also i use it to sleep and meditate sometimes when i do meditate. i would give it 100000000 stars if i could. it is such a good app i love so much! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ awesome app.

Kris Gutmann

I was tired of searching YouTube for the tinnitus masking soubd i needed. Everyone is unique. Note: Do not you what the call tinnitus cure sounds with the beeping sounds unless you know the exact frequency of. your tinnitus sound. Those will actually do more harm to your hearing sense gland. i do know my frequency, but i just dont see sitting or laying around 4 or 5 hrs a day as they suggest. This app is beatifully worth the small price to find loads of peaceful nights. with your own recipe!!! ha

Lura Grimes

I like most all of the sounds. The owl is good but could be more varied. The loon was perfect as were the crickets, wolves need tweaking...cayotes were not good. Frog sounds were good, campfire excellent. I like that you added city noises and white noise factors. I can see this app only getting better. I would like to be able to add up to five sounds for the true experience without having to watch vids or buy...presently, only three sounds simultaneously.