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Amy's Animal Hair Salon - Cat Fashion & Hairstyles

Download Amy's Animal Hair Salon - Cat Fashion & Hairstyles apk for free.

Amy's Animal Hair Salon - Cat Fashion & Hairstyles apk icon

Amy's Animal Hair Salon - Cat Fashion & Hairstyles

Welcome to Amy’s Animal Hair Salon - the best cat beauty salon game for girls and boys! Here kids can become pet stylists and play with the cutest cats!

Animal style icon Amy the leopard opened her own Animal Hair Salon for cats! Meet her first fluffy cat clients and help them get their dream hair and fashion makeovers! Wash, brush, curl, straighten, color and style the cats’ beautiful hair! Dress the cats up in colorful trendy clothes!

But first, help Amy get ready! She should look flawless in front of her cat clients. Choose a perfect hair updo and dress her up in pretty hairstylist outfits! Don’t forget to decorate the beauty salon! Paint the walls in hot colors, add some fun patterns and style with adorable cat-, bunny- or diamond-shaped mirrors!

Cat Roxy is an edgy girl and she’s ready for extreme makeovers! Bleach, cut, straighten or curl her hair! Go wild with those hair colors! Pink, orange, blue or maybe green? Dress up cat Roxy in cool trendy clothes. That’s really a rocking makeover!

Lisa is the cutest baby cat girl with beautiful ginger fur. But her hair is so messy! Let’s help Lisa get her dream hair and outfit makeover! Curl, braid and dye the kitten’s hair in rainbow colors! Choose the cutest cat clothes with unicorn, cupcake and flower prints!

Pearl, the squishy white cat with the most unique eyes, also wants to change her style! Take care of her beautiful silky hair and make it shine! Create crazy curls, make highlights or dye her hair in extreme colors! Find a perfect outfit to match cat Pearl’s new hairstyle!

Make fun beauty photos for the cats! Show off their new crazy hairstyles and trendy cat outfits!

Play the cutest cat hairstyling and beauty salon girl game:
· Meet three adorable cat clients with unique styles!
· Wash, brush, curl and style the cats’ hair!
· Choose edgy hairstyles and cool cat clothes for Roxy!
· Help kitten Lisa find the cutest clothes and hairdos!
· Take care of cat Pearl’s silky hair and choose her outfits!
· Choose trendy hairstyles and clothes for leopard Amy!
· Decorate the beauty salon with hot colors and patterns!
· Play Amy’s Animal Hair Salon girls game every day to open new style items for fluffy cats!
· Watch fun videos for kids and get exciting rewards!

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Joesph Vandervort

THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I love love love this game! I like all the detail the makers put in it! If u take my advice I'd say.............. GET THIS GAME AS SOON AS U SEE IT!!!!! OMG ITS SSOOO AWESOME! I'll give this game a five strait up. If u could I'd give it a 1,000,00000,00!

Ambrose Ledner

thank you for making this app totutoons I enjoy the game there are lots of fun activities to do that i like trust me I know download it now i think that it is A.M.Z.I.N.G O.M.G 😍😍😊😊

Delilah Upton DDS

I think that I love it because it's all about happy things for me think you have a good life

Dr. Arthur Goyette I

You should download it because you can practice on her here if you want to be a hair stylist

Mr. Rene Ondricka I

this game is so fun I love it you haters out there who don't like this game I say your wierdows

Ivy White

when i play this a lot it does get really boring and theres not SO much clothing and yeah thats all so ill give it 3 out of 5

Bradly Kuhn

I loved it its a great game for kids If they want to be a hair dresser

Avery Bogisich DDS

i love every thing about this game i think it helps younger kids to learn of they wanna have a spa and solon when there a adult and im nine yearsn old

Miss Evelyn Lebsack

I gave it five stars because when I grow up the game can teach me how to do hair

Tia Bruen

this game is amazing you can still do everthing i every want in a game this game giet a 5 star .