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Angry Birds Classic

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

– Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay.
– Play all 15 original Angry Birds episodes – over 680 levels!
– Compete against other players in the Mighty League.
– Boost your birds’ destructive strength with powerups.
– Download and play for free!
– Play offline!

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This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.

Editor's Note

Well known Angry Birds Classic is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Angry Birds Classic developed and announced by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on April 11, 2019. Also Angry Birds Classic is very famous in Arcade category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Angry Birds Classic if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Winfield Abshire

I have to say it's Ok, but a couple of suggestions. #1: Can you be more careful with the ads you choose, because I saw an ad for a non-kid friendly gambling game. That shouldn't be there, what if a 2 yr old saw that? Since kids, (especially little kids), like \u0026 play this game as much as older people do. #2: Can you have all episodes in the game not locked? You did that before. That's all I'm asking for.

Alisa Langosh

Got this game back after playing around 10 years ago, still feels the same, loads of nostalgia, really fun and quirky levels and still extremely addictive although some of the new levels they have added can get tedious as they are very difficult and require some luck as a whole they are so so fun. Would recommend more than any other game on the app store.

Abelardo Glover

Whenever I am playing the game ads keep interrupting my game!!!!!! Also after receiving an email back from Rovio they have stated that they haven't updated Angry Birds Classic because they are focusing on other games besides Angry Birds Classic. CHEAP SKATES!! Now I know why the game keeps freezing up because their hasn't been an update. UPDATE THIS GAME SO IT WILL STOP FREEZING UP ITS BEEN GOING ON FOR WEEKS!!!!!!!! PLUS BEING FORCED TO WATCH ADS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF PLAYING GAME!!!!

Christy Satterfield

when playing Mighty League, game freezes. YOU LOSE ANYTHING YOU JUST TRIED TO USE. it becomes a 50/50 gamble if you watch a video - after the video, the game may freeze then you dont get scope or the ground shake. have to start game over. Only part of the game that is not fun! the actual game itself is great not buggy like the Mighty League

Keegan Murphy

so. many. ads. and glitchy...will just freeze. might be a great time killer but I couldnt stand the ads right in the middle of the game! uninstalling. ruining the experience. learn from other games that let you just watch an ad for an extra chance or a cool item. i almost always watched the ad. but them being forced upon us at the worst time is just awful.

Tate Baumbach PhD

Came back to this game to only be met with ads. Stuff I bought, like the Mighty Eagle and the full ad-less version of the game, is missing with no \"check for purchases\" button. The constant ads, the expansive/expensive microtransactions and the lost purchases made me regret downloading again. Cant even play the game offline anymore, smh.

Maryam Hyatt DVM

It was fun while it lasted.Ads over and over instead of none, it cost so much money when it shouldn't, and its not even classic maps!Only people who didn't play and just read the click bait give good reviews.Change it back to the 2012 version.I loved your games, yet I now despise your company.I had to get an okder version from a shady website off the internet to actually play!😞😡

Julien Tromp

Used to be good back then! I can tell you it was great way back then EARNING 3 stars without powerups like old school. I happen to be one of the world's biggest angry birds fan... and the way how they have this game now.. to me.. ruined! Bring back the old style! this is soooo NOT \"AB Classic\"! A lot of people agree on this, REMOVE THE FORCED ADS! I thought this would fix this by now... They've made it worse! The only good CLASSIC AB game left is AB SPACE! Please hear me out Rovio... fix this!

Dalton Stehr

If you love ads then this is the game for you. Also it the the typical mobile game with a huge pay wall that starts early in the game. This game has absolutely no redeeming features to it. The original was awesome! The new ad driven paywall Angry Birds is absolutely terrible. Stay away from this game. You have been warned!

Naomie Corkery

the original version was really good when there were no stupid cheats to be added/won, when there were no dumb ads ruining the player experience, when there were no stupid daily tournaments, tokens and who knows what rubbish. This was a great game once which the developers have ruined completely. I regret to say that I cannot and will not play this rubbish version anymore