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Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals

Download Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals apk for free.

Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals apk icon

Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals

■ Game Introduction
"Animal Hot Springs" is an idle casual management game.
Run your hot springs successfully to make it the most popular place ever.
You can earn acorns from animals visited.
Buy various bath items and upgrade the facilities with your acorns.

■ Game Features
- Easy, simple and idle management game that anyone can enjoy easily
- Bathing animals look so cute and adorable to look at
- Facility upgrades offering automatic acorn earning
- increase the reputation of the hot springs to invite all the cute animals
- a casual and cute animals management game
- a relaxing Game ever!

■ How to play
- You can earn acorns from animal visitors.
- Purchase a variety of bath goods in advance with your acorns and provide them properly.
- Satisfy your animals by providing bath goods properly and get the VIP stamps.
- Various facilities in lounge will help you increase your reputation and earn more acorns.
- Higher reputation enables you to invite more diverse animals.
- Collect all the hidden animals to reach the highest level.
- The animals in the sauna give you golden acorns.

- Now the sauna is open!! Invite new animals to the sauna.
- Turn on the brazier and animals will come to enjoy.
- Bake food on the brazier and animals love it!
- And now you can change the background of the hot springs.

■ Save Data
This game saves data to your device.
If you delete the game, your game progress will be lost.

Editor's Note

Purely designed Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals has made by SUPERTHUMb. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 14 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 28M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals got its last update on March 24, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Lawrence Cummings

I love this game, it is a great time killer, it is very cute and relaxing to play. Yet, once you have gotten every animals and facilities there is really nothing much to do, thats why the 4-star. Maybe add more rooms, perhaps a restaurant or a game room that we will have new goods, new facilities and new animals, so we can play a little longer. Anyway, You did a great job for this game, love it.

Cary Hintz

Need some update please! it's good but I hope it has an option to move the things inside the lounges, sauna and tub. Wish I could add players or visit other players' hotsprings. it would be cool to trade, buy and sell the things you dont need like the tub. Also please add purpose to the things we buy so it's not just a display. however I enjoyed this but not until I finished buying all the things needed. dont know what to do next now.

Dr. Orin Ernser MD

Its a good game but annoying. You have to be level 20 to open the sauna, but i can't seem to find out my current level. You have different levels for different things, its irritating. Also I've upgraded the first room, but I've no idea if that actually helps me in any way or is a bit waste of time. Other games let you know what effect buying something would have.

Keara Grimes

i love animals and there so cute i love the game the physics and the animashins of the game. Its the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Timmothy Tillman

its addictive and fun,full of surprises and cute stuff, it has less adds or adds just dont pop out your screen like all the time. dont wanna spoil how cool this game is just click install and download this.

Leon McGlynn

The game is pretty good, but please remove that exit button. I keep accidentally pressing it thinking that it will close the menu.

Miss Felicita Blick

Love this game, one of the few out there that there's zero pressure to spend anything or limit resources to watch ads, though if you choose to they're very generous! I wish that the secondary lounge had been released before I had to grind rep to open the sauna, but the dev has fixed that for new players. :) Great stuff!

Cooper Stanton DDS

I LOVE THE GAME 79P IS EXTREMELY CHEAP FOR 150,000 ACORNS ??? this game is amazing and addicting i have played the game 4 hour straight and im not joking keep up the amazing work i will be spending more money on this game

Gladyce Schumm

very cute! I like the game but I wish there was more to do. mini games? or custom things?

Berneice Rutherford

it is fun and you can get new animals by totching the manger cat then ring the bell so he can come back