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Anime Music

Application to listen to Anime music on your Smartphone, Tablet or any Android device; listen online to the best Anime songs of all times.

Music of Japan
Visual Kei

✔ Listening music online with latest collection of anime music.
✔ Search anything
✔ You can add songs to your favorite playlist to be able to listen later easily.
✔ You can listen to music and do other things one of convenience with background play modes.


Good enjoy!

Editor's Note

Well known Anime Music is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Anime Music developed and announced by realm93. Current version of the apk file is 2.92 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on April 16, 2019. Also Anime Music is very famous in Music & Audio category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Anime Music if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Mrs. Litzy Ferry

I love it i really do i can listen to my favorite anime music. I can open other apps and still have it playing my music. It has the short and long version which couldn't be any more helpful. It only takes 5 mins just to put playlists together. Only problem though is i can't download the music but it is a big bother still love it and think its great😁

Demario Feest

Very interesting and user friendly app which offers a wide variety of music types and genres of all kinds (as long as they are anime related). The only drwback is that it's difficult to tell original and \"official\" versions of songs from instrumental, mixed or mashed up ones, due to dubious naming of songs.

Miss Precious Lubowitz IV

It's a beautiful app, the only reason that I'm giving it 4 stars is 'cause people won't directly understand how to find the songs that they're searching for the first time they use it. it's still a very cool app, you can hear all your favourite anime openings and even night cores and many other types of anime music, enjoy! 😁

Enrico Collier

The app is great but when i tried logging in it yesterday it kept loading, and i tried today but it keeps loading and it won't log in, all I'm asking is that you fix the buffering. other than that it is a good app besides the voice covers. (Please add the real song Angle's to fly without any covers) thank you for listening if you get this message 😊

Dr. Lamont Schinner

I love this app!! It has all the songs i need and im very grateful to the creator of this app. I love that you can get songs on here that you can't get on other anime music apps so i would DEFINITELY reccomend it. The one issue is that it doesnt allow downloads. This is extremely annoying as where i live there is dodgy signal and its not great having to use data when out and about. If you could add a download features then this app would be perfect. Please consider adding this feature.

Antonette Ratke

My experience has been fairly decent. It has a wide variety of songs and different versions of songs. At one point the app would never open for me, but the issue was solved when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it is working quite fine.

Willie Olson

I love this app! It has great features that aren't tricky to learn so you can just start listening. It seemed too good to be true to me at first, but it is a genuine free anime music player. If someone complains about the ads, they are children. You MAY get an ad in between EVERY OTHER song. There's an advertisement a lot more when you play a song and the cover flips. But that doesn't disturb your music. The selection is amazing! If there is a song, they will most likely have it.

Ms. Astrid Jakubowski

Its good but over run with covers. To me covers are a big annoyence. I hate covers but some might like it. After a bit of searching you can find the origanals in there. They also have vocaloid which is nice. So overall 4/5 stars it dosn't suck,it does its job, and has singular songs instead of just radio stations. It also has radio,but isn't just radios like google music.

Reggie Borer

Yo! You gotta make another app like this but you gotta make the songs offline..... At least the ones without \"©\".... You got me? .... Or maybe a download option .... Yeah I know copyrights is \"RIGHTS\" but there should be some music thats free to download right? If you want to add a \"donation\" option in the app that would help you a lot right? You should add playlists like A-Z-# and improve the app a lot more! I'm proud of you! Who ever you are haha Please reply whether my review is helpful!

Efrain Grimes

I like this app from 3 reasons: 1) the song will continue playing even when you're not in the app anymore 2) from what I seed you don't need wi-fi for it 3) it has a lot of songs that you can lisent to This might be my fault but somtimes I found very hard some of the song so I think that it would be good to be more organized