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Ant Colonies

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Ants are very common little creatures. If you look close, you will find this cute insect in all types of settings: in wilderness, in your backyard, on the street, and sometime, even inside your home. How much do you know about them and their colonies? Let’s take a look up close! It is so cute and it's for free!

Fun features:
- Learn the life cycle of this insect with play;
- See their sophisticated colonies at work;
- Meet their workers, soldiers, and the queen!

Ants are intelligent and highly organized. It is time to visit their home and take a grand tour inside. See what activities they are busy with from day to day. There are lots of wonderful discoveries in our Ant Colonies!

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Hilda Little

so boring. only three levels. it will also pop up ads when I try to click on something.😠😠😡😡😬🐔

Dr. Ryann Brown

nice game I like it so much😗😇

Mrs. Neva Ledner

i haven't played it yet but I know it's cool 😎😎😎😎

Adolf White

i love so motch this game

Clay Bogisich

this game is how do I say it amazing I got this game on my phone and it was amazing I was collecting food figuring out how to collect it and more and I may be only 8 years old but this game is extraordinary most kids don't know what that means

Jason Larkin MD

Its showing little children how to give birth. Inpropriate for little kids. Should not be in play store

Jaunita Douglas

I played this before I let my baby cousin ( she plays on my phone ) and I looked at most of baby bus' games and I will NEVER let her play these, a.k.a The queen ant laying eggs

Miss Myrtice Haley IV

It is an okay game,but why would birth be included into this game? Children plays these games and they should not be seeing things like this.

Miss Shawna Hudson IV

erred despotictogetyouremailaddresstoreceiveafreeGoogle,butitwouldliketheidea.I'malittlewhile,andabitmore,and

Adolf Kerluke IV

I like it i tried this before but on my other gadget i love it also i hope you add more things