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APK Linux

This is an embedded Linux distribution for ARM-based Android 4.03+ devices. It is meant to be used as a bare-bones Linux distribution with all the potential functionality of a full desktop. The objective is to make it easily distributed without the need to root your device.

This app is meant for the power user, and is still experimental. In order to use it, you must have ConnectBot (or any other Telent client) installed on your device. Once downloaded and installed, simply press the APK Linux icon and the program will copy the distribution files onto your device and connect via Telnet. Altneratively, you may connect from your desktop using "adb" TCP forwarding on port 9000 and then telneting to localhost. To kill the application completely, open the terminal and type the command "pkill cmer".

To learn more and find tutorials on how to build your own Linux distribution for Android, please visit http://www.cmer.ca/apklinux and follow the instructions. Please email any feedback and bug reports to: [email protected]

This is being released under the GPL License v2.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces APK Linux. APK Linux is developed by Centre for Mobile Education and Research and it has very stable version which is 2. APK Linux works with all the android devices if the device is Android 10 and above. We always provide you APK Linux apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Miles Grimes

Can it read files from obb some one answer me please?

Reece Pouros

This app it really cool the thing I love about it it doesn't need root

Prof. Keanu Stroman I

This is great because with out pc we are using Linux

Lew Schneider

no package manager

Ms. Billie Doyle MD

Just installing

Mr. Mike Marquardt


Mr. Rickie Yundt Jr.


Haley Morar


Lesley Wunsch


Kaci Tromp PhD

Unable to load file system in S6 edge