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ARMY Amino for BTS Stans

Download ARMY Amino for BTS Stans apk for free.

ARMY Amino for BTS Stans apk icon

ARMY Amino for BTS Stans

Strong power, ARMYs! This is the best app for international ARMYs to share our love and passion for BTS! Be the first to get translated updates, news about comebacks, upcoming releases, concerts, style breakdowns, fan projects, and more.

-COME THROUGH and join other ARMYs to stan BTS
-SHARE gifs, blogs, photos of your biases
-PROVE that you got jams because you know every inside joke in the fandom
-DISCOVER the best Bangtan memes that Jin would do his windshield laugh at
-PARTICIPATE in massive projects like the RAINBOW OCEAN project to show appreciation and love for BTS

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces ARMY Amino for BTS Stans. ARMY Amino for BTS Stans is developed by Amino Apps and it has very stable version which is 2.3.28023. ARMY Amino for BTS Stans works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you ARMY Amino for BTS Stans apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Hardy Bogan

It's a really great app where you can make many ARMY friends and communicate together. As an ARMY, I love the app. You can also post stuff of your creation and if you don't want you can just read others. There's an amazing section for quizzes too! U can also chat with other ARMYs. If u are an ARMY, this is highly recommended.👍🏻

Mrs. Laury Gibson IV

This is awesome! because of this app I made a lot of friends. Even though we, army's, are miles apart we can still talk to each other. and this app is entertaining, it helps me interact with others😊. and we don't treat each other like strangers, we treat each other as family. because We Purple BTS and ARMY

Athena Wisozk

really good app, loves it so much! loadsa functions and fun activities and ARMY is the best people to hang around with! the most positive people in the world! they share their wisdom, update the latest BTS news and info, and post the most amazing fanarts in the world! and when positive people unite, there's really very little space for negative people (only had a spam message once and ARMY reported and got rid of them instantly). thanks so much for such an amazing platform!

Tremaine Kohler

I really love this it is great way to be with lots of army's and see their creations like fan art,song covers,edits,memes, and just chat with them. BUT I'd really prefer if there was some sort of age restrictions because all the eight year olds are cringe, ruin chats and the overall feed mybe you should at least be fourteen or thirteen because some of the content is not \"child friendly\" (fanfics)they also are the ones who create fan wars with their constant nagging stupid claims.

Otilia Cummerata

I like this app because you can talk and have fun with other arky and not he judged for liking Kpop idols💜, you also can do quizzes, votes, and activites that are related to BTS to keep the fun going. This app makes it very enjoyable for me because I can talk and have things in common with other Armys, or kpop in general without being judge💛, whoever gets this app you won't regret I promise🤗.

Esmeralda Hoeger

I really like this app because I met a lot of cool people that have the same interests and likes as me! So many armys that I can fangirl with hahaha! sometimes it glitches or cant count or wont give me notifs but it's ok I still love the app. it's also a good way to find out about things that are happening in the fandom or nominations or events or videos or updates!

Natasha Kutch

it's good, I meet some friends, but i log out in my old account, can you take it back pleaseee, I really need it, my friends Dont know me because of my new acc, I didn't mean to log out,here is the story, I will log out to the rp amino, but i turns out that I log out to my all acc, so can you take it back? (sorry for my English)

Vivian Toy

it is the best app to connect with different army's and most of are peers. I have been on this app for a long period of time haven't been posting a lot but it is very good. No ads in the way surprisenly. ummm that's it all I have to say about it I mean I would go on and tell u ect but yeah 100% good

Porter Parker

Being an ARMY, I would really love to appreciate this app! Easy to use and convenient. Get interact with other ARMY fellows all around the world. Be updated to BTS activities as other people post about them so! According to my experience, I think it also uses less internet.💜

Lonie O'Keefe

You will find some really nice blogs and fan art here. Or you can easily pass time by chatting with random people and watching videos. you can play quizzes and even vote on poles. and these all features are just the tip of iceberg, a lot still waits for you.