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AT&T DriveMode

AT&T DriveMode –Don’t Text & Drive, It Can Wait

AT&T DriveMode is a free* safe driving app that helps prevent distractions while driving by silencing incoming alerts and calls. The app automatically engages when it sees your speed has reached 15 MPH and deactivates after 2-3 minutes when your speed drops below 15 MPH.

DriveMode is available to customers of all wireless companies, in English or Spanish.

Other key features:
- Customizable auto-reply to SMS messages and calls so people know you are driving.
- Parental alerts that can send an SMS if the app is turned off or if auto-mode is disabled.
- Make or receive calls from up to 5 numbers or receive all calls with Bluetooth®
- Use your favorite music and navigation apps.

* Data and text messaging charges may apply for app download and app usage. Standard messaging rates apply to auto-reply messages. Compatible device required.

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Editor's Note

Well known AT&T DriveMode is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download AT&T DriveMode developed and announced by AT&T Services, Inc.. Current version of the apk file is and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on July 1, 2019. Also AT&T DriveMode is very famous in Maps & Navigation category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install AT&T DriveMode if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Oswald Gibson

I was so excited when I first got it and used it. Then the auto on does not disable after it is off automatically or manually off. I don't have access to text messages and app functions like normal. It treats the phone like it's still on auto. I have to restart my phone to get normal phone function.

Mrs. Elisa Farrell IV

Comes on when driving automatically. You can tell it which calls to let through and it let's you access music and maps. I tell it to let my kids' calls through but no one else and only their calls mot their texts so I know it's an emergency if they call. I think all phone carriers should be made to have this app.

Hollie Goldner

LOVE THIS! when I am driving this app stops calls and texts. sends a message that I am driving and no call or text is worth a life. I recomend this to everyone who has a smart phone with at\u0026t. you can use maps with this app also which is great

Dr. Nicolas McDermott V

It's ok, could be much better. If the app would stop blocking calls and texts after a period of time when the app senses you are no longer driving that would be great functionality to add.

Dr. Modesto Rowe PhD

It makes my phone malfunction. I like it because it keeps me from trying to check my phone while driving. But I have to factory reset my phone because I start to get duplicate icons for apps and my notification light turns itself off.

Milo Pfeffer

To slow to turn itself off, I can arrive home and be in the house for a few minutes and it will still be active. I have to shut it off manually so I can access my phone

Lelia Friesen

My main issue: I\"m not 16. For some strange reason, my mom set up the parental controls. So anytime i'm a car passenger, drivemode turns on. IS THIS REALLY NEEDED? Keep in mind this is bloatware (at least for me) and impossible to remove. Also, the usability while \"driving\" is very limited. One way of listening to music, one map app, and up to 5 phone numbers. 5? This is stupid. No review is worth a life, but this app's not worth the hype. I have hate, but according to them, It Can Wait.

Clint Littel PhD

3 the middle or middle plus or middle minus. or m+/m_ -. . I never SET or LET myself type or tell AT\u0026T this 911 Emergency [ALLOW LIST]?! The amount of people who press button on keyboard, there goes the office. Of ice. Ice ice baby. That song is remembered, but please do not play again. I heard all about the SPOKEN lawyer SONG by \u0026EM zeroith or schoochie, probably. Song is diff. than SIN.(!) Peace ☮️ out. Rating is preliminary until I investigate the AT\u0026T and try to explain why 5oo4.

Alphonso Wunsch I

Would be great if it had a timer for logging drive times

Abdul Ondricka

Not working properly...does not disengage on auto mode