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Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up

Download Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up apk for free.

Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up apk icon

Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up

Attack the Blocks is an awesome game to kill time. Super fun for all ages.

- Free to play
- Endless gameplay
- Simple swipe control
- Shoot up all balls and destroy the flying balls
- Boss fight
- Many beautiful themes will random in each game
- Challenge your friends with the best score

Download it for free and have fun! Be careful though - it can be very addictive.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up. Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up is developed by ONESOFT and it has very stable version which is 1.6.4. Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mrs. Alanis Rath

not that great. game is okay. fun for a bit, but extremely repetitive. bosses are a huge plus. doesn't send you to the store to rate the game unless you mark high score in game. level 20 is isanely harder than the rest of the levels. forcing you to grind heavily. no thanks, im done. was a pretty good game until then.

Wilhelm Wilderman

I preferred the simplistic art style, please provide an option to revert back to that. I see a graphics option in the main menu options screen but it doesn't appear to do anything, something to look into. If an option for the original graphics is provided I will up my ranking to 4 stars, game has a small grind to it but is very fun.

Maia Nolan MD

It's a great game, but there are too many ads. If you choose not to watch an ad to get a bonus, then you're forced to watch an ad anyways. I would've given 4 stars at least, but the last update is causing the game to crash on load. I've tried reinstalling, which deleted my progress, but after one round it started happening again.

Isabell Roob

I used to love this game but am now deleting it after the last update. You're allowing way to many adds that I am now forced to watch even though all I wanted was to try again but since I chose not to watch the double money add you've decided to force me to watch an add when I didn't choose to and without reward. You've become way to money hungry and your app suffers from your greed. FYI the new graphics aren't worth the update if I hadn't updated at least your stupid mandatory adds wouldn't interrupt my game play and I wouldn't be uninstalling and giving you a terrible rating.

Wayne O'Keefe

Developer reworked rewards to a max of 100k with the option to watch an AD for an additional 100k, down from the 300k/300k original rewards. (ship upgrades cost a few 100k-a few million). maxed ships struggle to make it through the levels as it appears the world scales with your upgrades, making them effectively worthless. You will struggle through levels regularly and seem to win only through dumb luck. On top of all this you will be forced to watch ads between every game.

Olin Kirlin

Chill game. It's so fair and you win a considerable amount of money. This is a stress reducer, time saver, competitive and a make you smile game that won't rip you off. Play it. You won't be disappointed. I promise. 👍👍👍❣

Miss Shawna Huels DVM

After the revive and 2x issues were fixed, now for 3 days the game won't load at all!!! Have I gotten to the point where a there no more ships? can't get nowhere with the quest. I need to upgrade my ship 10x. for the 3 quests!! what's going on????? will be uninstalled even though I really like the game......,,disgusted!!!

Domenic Keebler Sr.

I used to love this game. When you can buy the next ship once you upgraded your last one to max. Now it won't and i am severely underpowered. I'm dropping this game now until it becomes great again.

Alan Gislason

reduced the daily gold gift from 300k, with an ad to double it to 100k, with an ad ti double it. game is super greedy. wants $50 for a ship that will get you maybe 20 levels...

Roxane Turner Jr.

Difficulty curve is far too steep and designed to get you to pay. Ads everywhere. Some do go away if you give them money, but to get anywhere you have to view ads or invest twice the time. Despite this, levels past about 60 become unreal and I can only attribute victory to blind luck. I cant even see some of the stuff hitting me now; its that fast. Great waste of a couple weeks but the replay value wears thin fast.