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Auralux: Constellations

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Auralux: Constellations

Auralux: Constellations features a slow, graceful feel, easy to learn mechanics and vibrant minimalistic graphics, all pulsing to the rhythm of ambient music. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience yet will challenge even the most experienced RTS fans.

Every choice matters, and the only path to victory is through clever strategy. It’s Real-Time Strategy, deconstructed.

- 150 unique levels, with a dozen new twists to classic Auralux gameplay
- Play on the big screen with full Android TV functionality!
- Online multiplayer with Google Play Games to wage planetary war against each other.
- New modes and maps including black holes, supernovas and wormholes!
- Native 4K, increased unit counts, and two free multiplayer maps for NVIDIA Shield players.

"Auralux is real-time strategy in its purest form... It's simple. It's elegant. It's slow and engrossing." – Kotaku

"Auralux is a success. It distills the real-time-strategy game to its purest form." - The A.V. Club

"The later game introduces some very interesting mechanics though, such as black holes, gamma ray bursts, and orbiting planets... There is something for everyone." – Techgage

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Margarete Robel

I absolutely love this game. It is an addictive, strategy intensive game. The main reason I'm writing this review is to alert the devs of a very important issue. After purchasing the full game, I experienced a loss of controls. The touches and swipes no longer work all the time and instead seem to linger and cause other actions. Other people have also reported this problem. If it helps, I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Jerald King

The game and game play is great. The pricing strategy is bogus. From what I can tell, you have to purchase each individual level past the first, at about a dollar per level. That equals about 15 bucks to unlock the full game. I'd happily pay 5 bucks to support a game that's as fun and enjoyable as this, but not at that price tag and not with something the reeks of microtransactions. Once the devs release a more equitable pricing strategy, I'll update my review.

Luna Rice

This game NEEDS to go on PC and the Steam store. Its concept is so simple yet so good and immersive. One of the best strategy game I've played. The only issue I have is how hard it gets. At a certain point I tend to give up but then again, the game being challenging is a good thing after all.

Prof. Evan Hauck MD

It's fun and surprisngly strategic at times. I just dont like that you have to individually buy a bunch of different \"packs\" to have the full game. Gets too expensive for a mobile game, it should really just be a \u003e$5 game up front or something... What's free is worth trying though.

Mr. Roel Towne I

better than the first in just about every way, except perhaps that after I paid them, the AI stopped fighting each other which is the only way to win

Jany Trantow

So this game is basically the flash game \"phage wars\" which I played extensively in jr high. i love the gameplay and it brought back a lot of memories. i wish there were more customization options and colors to choose. And the tutorial held my hand a bit too much, but I understand why. I don't like that the controls respond to the lightest touches. I find my troops randomly selecting all because one finger hovered too close, causing all my things to fly somewhere unneeded. Leaving me defenseless

Herman Hauck

was about to rate this four stars... the app asks to rate after five levels, but only let's you play six without purchasing!! no wonder the multiplayer doesn't work, you have to purchase multiplayer levels! so disappointed. if this was explained, I might have been willing to pay, but man... sleazy.

Lillie Turcotte

The concept of the game is amazing. It has such a simple, yet fun aspect to it. The reason I've rated the game two stars is because of the amount of money you would have to pay to play the rest of the game. Different constellations started at one dollar (which I possibly would have been fine with since it is such a good game), but then as I looked to see the prices of the later levels, they went up. I would gladly pay $5-$10 for the game itself instead of having to purchase 13 different sections.

Kaleb Schmidt

Fun game but controls are sub-optimal. The maps are so simple I don't know why you would pay for them. This game needs a map editor for you to make your own levels and share them with people. I'm sure the public could make better maps than what's induced.

Miss Melissa Daniel II

Honestly, I wish I could rate it 3.5. Everything's good except two major problems: First, it always the AI attacking you instead of each other first. And second, I honestly am CUSSING there's no way to make your own level. Otherwise it's great.