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Auto Club

Auto Club App improves on-the-go access to trusted Auto Club services including membership, insurance, travel, and roadside assistance. This mobile version also shows members Cheapest Gas and Branch offices nearby.

Currently supported clubs in this app:
• Automobile Club of Southern California
• AAA Hawaii
• AAA New Mexico
• AAA Northern New England
• AAA Tidewater
• Automobile Club of Missouri
• AAA Alabama
• AAA East Central
• AAA Northeast
• AAA Washington

Key features include:
• View membership details and insurance policies
• Pay bills for membership and insurance
• Request Roadside assistance
• Book hotel, flight, or rental card
• View upcoming trips
• Find cheapest gas prices near you
• Find member branch offices
• Get an insurance quote for auto, home and other products (not available in all areas)
• Get instant battery replacement quotes (not available in all areas)
• Find Approved Auto Repair facilities

Editor's Note

Well known Auto Club is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Auto Club developed and announced by American Automobile Association, Inc.. Current version of the apk file is 1.354.1 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on June 13, 2019. Also Auto Club is very famous in Lifestyle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Auto Club if your device android version is Android 23 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Dr. Vladimir Reichel

Keeps asking me to verify my zip then \"download\" the app. I'm launching it from the app... why would I need to download it again. Other then that it has been working well. I wish that it was a little easier to navigate.

Dr. Walter Lemke II

If you are here to get Onboard discount using this app, let's me tell you it probably won't work. The app registers any slow down during driving as a \"hard brake\" event and count it as reckless driving. You don't have to slow down a lot, just a light tap on the brake will trigger it. It seems to trigger when there is 7-8mph change in one second, so the speed of you running on foot and then stop. Doing 60mph needs 8s to stop. It is just not possible. They made it that way to increase your rates.

Roel Lakin

Poor app, constantly disconnecting from my phone. Get notified, often while driving, that I must reconnect in order to qualify for any sort of discount. I am not disconnecting the app and obviously would be dangerous to try to reconnect to the app while driving, yet all driving episodes must be tracked for the discount. Doesn't seem fair to the consumer.

Brionna King

Stupid that you can't use the AAA app, then I couldn't get auto service using this app because it said \"Roadside Assistance unavailable at this moment\". they didn't have any trouble throwing plenty of advertising at me though! Absolutely worthless!!

Salvador Towne

You cannot complete a car rental on this app. You can search for car rental pricing but when you select any car, you will get an \"Oops Something Went Wrong\" message.

Aron Jenkins

This app is very user friendly. I can easily access and pay my monthly car insurance with the click of a button (once you set up your payment details).

Nat Bednar

Like the app for keeping up w/account. BUT... It's not accurate w/the AAA Onboard. It shows hard stops when there are NOT hard stops, I did have 1 slow down, it did not show up (car cut me off, had a hard stop, to avoid totaling my vehicle). Frustrating! Hopefully this glitch gets fixed! UPDATE: During many of the 'hard breaking' happens when I'm driving down the road, no sudden slow down, has shown up when going the speed limit on the interstate, never slow, never touch the brake.

Yadira Hackett

called This Morning for the first time after gettimg this service sat on hold for about 10 Min first rep hung up called back got a really rude customer service rep on the phine explained that my car had just cut off on me in the intersection and needed help he said we had a bad connection. he kept saying really rude things when I would answer and he could not hear like ohh Gosh and brother. I think I will jisy call AAA my self much better customer service.

Esta Hegmann

Working with this app is terrible. It does not give you the option to look past your closest discounts. If you want to look for discount were you are going it's impossible.

Landen Stracke Jr.

I love Triple A, their insurance coverages. The most awesome part are the workers. They are always smiling and help you nicely. I will never leave AAA!!