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Avis Car Rental

Need to rent a car on the go? The Avis Car Rental app has you covered. Exclusive to the Avis app, Avis Preferred members gain access to all features as well as exchanging or upgrading your car upon arriving at the rental location, quickly returning your car, locking and unlocking your car and more real-time rental features. Find your nearest Avis Car Rental locations, hours of operation, addresses and phone numbers at any time.

Avis Preferred members can also earn points by opting in upon check out. With the Avis app, you can make, modify or cancel reservations 24/7. Using the Avis app will also provide access to getting a receipt, viewing and reviewing past rentals and contacting Roadside Assistance for immediate help.

By tapping the Install button or by downloading the Avis App published by Avis Rent A Car System LLC, you consent to the installation of the Avis App and to its future updates and upgrades. You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the app. To request assistance with the removal or disabling of the Avis App, please contact us.

You acknowledge and understand and agree that the Avis App (including any updates or upgrades) may cause your device to automatically communicate with Avis’ servers to deliver the functionality described above and to record location-based information and usage metrics, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored in your device, and (iii) collect personal information as set out in our Privacy Notice at https://www.avis.com/privacy and in the Avis App Terms of Use at https://www.avis.com/mobiletou. The Avis App delivers push notifications. You may turn push notifications off in the “Preferences” tab.

Contact us at:

Or contact us at
Avis Rent A Car System LLC
Phone: 1-800-352-7900
Email: [email protected]
Write: P.O. Box 699000
Tulsa, OK 74169-900

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Avis Car Rental from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Avis Car Rental is 9.1. You need to have Android 23 and above to install the apk. Avis Car Rental made by Avis Budget Group, Inc. very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Melba Lebsack Sr.

useless app.....keeps saying zip is too long when there is place to enter a zip. I have just wasted an hour going in circles. I like to support my local Avis outlet because they have given me great service....pity corporate can't do their job properly. Also, it's a postcode and not a zip!

Brooklyn Johnston

to get to my account is awful. the user name should be cleared off because it is never right. 90 percent of the time I get locked out and have to call in. I can get into my other accounts but only AVIS has me locking out and having to call in to clear. I have all my codes in as book and follow it but AVIS always has me wrong. FRUSTRATING!!!

Alejandrin Baumbach

horrible reservation system. payment amount is set to be inaccurate. Its just not what it tells you then there are 150 dollars in taxes and fees on top of the amount. what a joke

Elmo Kunze

The Preferred Customer does not add up correctly, all locations does not offer \"Preferred Customer\" program benefits such as; no waiting in line for pickup/dropoff, can\"t use App to close contract, customer service for Preferred Customers does not respond to emails correctly and or in a timely mater, and will not return calls even weeks/months later.

Darwin Feest

I must commend Felicia because she is an extraordinary person, kind hearted and diligent at her job. Avis is my most preferred car rental. I must also commend the Manager at Avis too. I will always go with Avis anyday anytime.

Leland Funk

I did not have access to my wzd nbr. I did my best to upload the AP and input my credit card (CC) number into the AP. The AP would not accept my CC, so I tried another, again would not accept. AP suggests calling, so I do. The customer service rep asks for my wzd nbr which I don't have (though I know I have one). Then he asks for the credit card number on file? Which I had told him I could not upload because, the AP wouldn't let me. So I am now calling Hertz.

Finn Lockman

ultimately the app is well done. there are some sticking points though: the way it displays the charges; and my least favorite the appearance of being able to switch your vehicle. the change your vehicle option really only gives 4 or 5 options regardless of the stock available at the rental location. also at least two of those options will be to upgrade to a higher class (upselling). despite me renting multiple times from an airport location that has over 500 cars on the lot at all times.

Edyth Glover

They just want your money ! I booked a small car they assign me a truck and then charge me an upgrade fee to get something smaller. I am even a preferred member.

Presley Leannon DVM

I reserve my car at the Richmond International Airport, prepaid and added insurance from them. the agent on the phone never told me about credit card hold until I got to the counter. and I called the 800 number to see what they could do and they told me I have to wait 2 to 3 business day after I cancel my reservation. I spoke to a supervisor Albert who refused to give me his last name told me there's nothing they can do and now im two hours later im late for work and stuck at the airport. yay

Connie Harber

Gets into weird mode! I got a got a text msg that asked me to press Return Now button when I got to the rental location. I got there opened the app and the only choice I had was Confirm Vehicle. As if l was just picking up the vehicle. I picked up the vehicle at the same location a week earlier! The app knew about my reservation but not the fact that I picked up the car and have had the car for a week. Weird!