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AZ Plugin 2 (newest)

Download AZ Plugin 2 (newest) apk for free.

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AZ Plugin 2 (newest)

AZ Plugin 2 is used for video editing in AZ Screen Recorder. With this plugin installed, AZ Screen Recorder can provide the best quality of video editor, including:
- Trim/cut video with highly correct timing
- Crop area of video.
- Smoother GIF converter.
- Replace audio with mp3 and other formats.
- Add stickers to video.
- Compress video (reduce file size).
- Adjust volume of recorded videos.
- Add texts to video.
- Merge videos.
- New features are coming soon.
If you have any feedback, please send an email to [email protected]

Editor's Note

Purely designed AZ Plugin 2 (newest) has made by Hecorat. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as N/A you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. AZ Plugin 2 (newest) got its last update on March 16, 2017 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Mr. Kale Casper I

Your editor is shite! Worst peice of trash I have ever used. You have to buy the PRO version to basically do everything. What was even the point of me wasting space with the editor?! You shouldn't have a separate app to download. Also I am not buying the PRO version. It sucks. But I will give you feedback back in later updates. (If you read this of course)

Karine Graham

To be honest, there's no point in downloading this at all. There's no such thing as a \"trimming video\" feature. You've to pay for it. I understand the needs of people's support to continue making this app a great one but couldn't you at least make the \"trimming video\" feature free? Pssshhhh. What a misleading app/add-on.

Kaylin Larkin

I have this project that im finished with, I tried to export it and watch it and there was an error. Do you know how to fix it? My video is only a minute long and all editing slides (music, video and the 'other two' which contain text) are filled

Korbin Stark

Maybe yall an help me with this but I didn't really wanna install it at first but I was like this could help with short videos, so I did. Now when I screen record my what I'm doing and end it, it takes me to this page with no \"open application\" button and only the option to uninstall it. I don't understand how to open it, because I can't even find it in my apps (I have a Samsung Galaxy A tab (Samsung Galaxy a tab 1?? Can't remember it word for word lol) if you could help that'd much appreciated

Mr. Garland Beer

Seems ok but not free. Stupid app. If they would be more clear that you have to pay to use the most vital functions. Or let us use a free trial of sorts, try before you buy, I'd consider changing my rating.

Mrs. Bryana Stokes

This plug in always causes problems. Audio going out of sync, video artifacting etc etc. I'd been using the standard recorder for a while without this but now the prompt saying to download the plug in won't allow any editing whatsoever unless it's installed. Which is bullshit. Why would you make a, now mandatory, plug in that sacrifices performance for more options? Makes no sense. The bare bones screen recorder had 0 problems until the plug in install. Now audio issues and poor video quality after finished editing. Using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the most current firmware, not rooted.

Prof. Zoila Parisian Jr.

BulshiT app doesnt tell u it is NOT FREE untill after u install it. Waste of time and money when their are other free editing apps. 3$ for this app jst to let yall know

Glen Goldner

what's the point of this app? u need to buy the pro version basically to do everything! even trim! come-on guys, trim feature is already in Android's basic features... and that's not it, we can't edit the videos recprded from az in apps like kinemaster pro and cyberlink powerdirector. And you thief money beggar developers... you copied this app from cyberlink powerdirector!

Vinnie Lynch

Lmao noobs. :: I haven't tried out this program tho I just left you a reply on your screen recorder program. And before even opening this video editor add-on I am gonna write you a review saying I loved it its over the top amazing

Kaitlyn O'Kon

What the he'll!! After I installed the new Update this Plugin or don't know.. And I went to open the app but it is automatically taking me to this page on Google play.. So the only plotion left is to uninstall it?? ?????