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Baby Games 7 in 1, Activity Center comes with 4 classics baby games for your toddlers, like balloon pop, baby phone, hit a mole and finger fireworks. Beside that 3 more revolutionary simple tapping games are added.

★ Balloon Pop - This is a classic baby game. Your kid can pop the balloon by tapping it. There are also animals floating up in a bubble, pop it to hear the animal sound. Some balloons contains surprise elements. Let your kid play regulary to find out.

★ Baby Phone - Your kid can touch the phone buttons to hear the DTMF tones, pick up the ringing phone to hear some cartoon voices, play the phone piano or hear some animal sounds and last but not least learn number by listening to how a number should be pronounciated.

★ Whack a Mole - Your kid can hit the mole before the mole dive under again. Play regulary to find the secret elements.

★ Finger Firework - Your kid can create a firework show, just by tapping anywhere on the screen. These very beautiful and colourful fireworks explode like real fireworks, I guess the parents also like to play with it.

★ Interactive Fish Tank - Your kid can watch the fishes swimming around. Touch the fish to see the funny reaction. There are hidden elements in this Fish Tank. Play regulary to find the secret elements.

★ Ice Pucks - Your kid can add pucks on the screen, rotate it or slide it to collide with other pucks. The dizzy symbols on the puck are able to catch your baby or kids attention and they like it very much.

★ Marble run - Your kid can drop a marble and watch it falls down through a maze of pins. Drop 10 or more for more fun and sounds. Flood it to get the CLIMAX.

★ Fidget Spinner - Yes, we have it too.
Let's your child build and spin our new Baby Fidget Spinner. Just play, collect items and design or build your own spinner.

★ Summer is coming - No matter when the weather is good or bad, your child can always play baby games during the summer. We will add some sunny items to surprise your child during this summer. This game is not only for boys, but there will be some babygames for girls coming soon. We will add more girly items during this summer. Your child will notice the changes, hope you like it.


★ No Ads for all 7 baby games
This game is sponsored by Ads, but no ads will be shown during the gameplay. The parents should start and quit the game for the children. Once the game is started, then you can pass the smartphone or tablet to your child and let your child play the games.

★ Child Lock
The back button is locked and you need to press the exit button 7 times to exit the game. Please note, the child lock does not work on phone/tablet models with a hardware HOME button.

★ Multi Touch
All games are build for multi touch, which is necessary now, because most modern smartphone are almost edge free. Now your child can hold the smartphone him/herself and is still able to touch the game objects.

If you are looking for a great baby game app, stop looking, this is it. Download Baby Games 7-in-1 now.

Suitable for toddlers from 1 to 4 years. Parrents are welcome to play along. Try it while taking a long flight or long journey.

Rate us or leave a review or some feedbacks, so that we can improve our game and make your kids happy again.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Baby Games. Baby Games is developed by Happy Baby and it has very stable version which is 1.2.9. Baby Games works with all the android devices if the device is Android 15 and above. We always provide you Baby Games apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Yasmine Waters

It is not for babys it is more like kids 6 and up

Dr. Flavie Langworth V

The ads are far too intrusive. I can no longer let my Son play unsupervised with it.

Anjali Jacobi

My baby brother loved it and it has been keeping him distracted so I can get some of my school work done

Mr. Arnoldo Kautzer PhD

my baby loves this game.

Justina Hills

My baby sister like this game. no ads and it keep her occupied. addictive for babies i take the game away and she cries.

Micah West

I paid to upgrade to no ads but the app still shows ads

Miss Mikayla Hayes

Bad app pagal 😀🤣 myself favorite is the best way possible

Mara Murphy

it great but did not help

Mr. Quinton Schneider

my baby loves it

Emmanuel Senger

good so good for baby