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Baby Panda's Brave Jobs

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Baby Panda's Brave Jobs

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A new day has begun, which job would you like to try? Come here! Baby panda has all brave jobs for you!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Policeman, doctor, firefighter or astronaut? Freely choose from different brave jobs and enjoy the chance to help others with our baby panda!

Different job has different clothes and props! Dress up and begin your work! Learn how to use professional equipment!

Put out fires, catch thieves and help citizens, go into space, bandage wounds…. Stick to it and complete your task with baby panda. 

♥ Four job themes: Policeman, doctor, fireman, and astronaut.
♥ Different costumes: Police uniforms, white coats, fireman uniforms, spacesuits…
♥ 20+ props: Handcuffs, thermometers, fire extinguishers, helmets…
♥ Job tasks: Launch a rocket, catch thieves, drive a fire engine, bandage wounds...
♥ Fun and interactive job games help improve your professional cognition.

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Prof. Dayana Roob

This game is very popular and I have played it many times I and my brother have been thinking about it that what more things you can add in this game.... I always play this game its amazing...... 😍😍😍😍😍

Frederik Schamberger

this was the worst game ever in baby panda because there were 4 options and only two were available. I tried to download it but it was just telling me that there is no internet 😕😦

Chaim Grant

This game is very very very very gooooooood thats Why i give it 5 stars

Daron Klein

Can't open the rest of the dresses. And the game is nothing like shown in pictures. I'm first time writting a bad rewiew. I hav many games of baby bus but never gave a bad rewiew.

Tanya Conn

My kid loves it but it wont let me download the other two occupations... says tl\"download failed, try again later\"... been trying for 2 days, cleared cache, forced stopped, even uninstalled and reinstalled...

Marilyne Feest

My 5 year old loves this app however we can't get the other 2 occupations to download. it says download failed, try again. would give it 5 stars otherwise

Miss Sally Abbott

Its a Bad Game delete IT Download Panda Hair salon

Sanford Schumm

always baby bus do things new like new games and this series learn children lesson for life

Cornell Mante I

I like this game very much Who like this game like it 👍 Who don't like this game comment it

Trevor Ferry DDS

i like is so fun and happy.