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Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock

Download Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock apk for free.

Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock apk icon

Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock

Baby Rattle Toy (With Child Lock) – an interactive rattle toy for your infant or toddler
★Child lock ensures your kid accidentally does not make calls or get out of the app while enjoying it.
★ Six different rattle styles. Each with different sound effects.
★Animated objects in rattle will entertain your kids while improving their hand eye co-ordination as they try to tap on moving animals, fishes and other objects.
★Please read the permission explanation at the end of description section.

With Baby Rattle Toy you can calm or amuse your baby with your phone. You baby will love this toy. With this free app you will always have a toy to calm your baby. The app rattles on shaking your phone or tapping the screen.

- Each object in rattle animates with sound effect when tapped.
- Setting to enable Child/Toddler lock
- Infant friendly – Rattle animates automatically for 20 seconds and can be triggered again by a simple tap or shake.
- Very simple and easy to use Baby Toy app

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock. Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock is developed by kiddoware and it has very stable version which is 3.6.7. Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you Baby Rattle Toy - Child Lock apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Maryam Bergstrom

pretty good but child lock doesnt protect against the drop-down settings on the phone or the power button. if child clicks the power button and causes screen to blackout, the sound on the rattle is terrible when you open the phone back up. have to fully restart phone to fix the audio.

Carmel Zulauf

My 1.5yr boys favorite play app. Please add more screens rather than updating the same. The child lock feature is getting disabled sometimes which i have to reenable it again. It sometimes closes improperly with notifocation appears continiously on the screen. Then i have to restart my phone for fixing it

Audreanne Dietrich

The app works great, love it for kids usually only use it when they get to that really grabby stage while changing diapers. Keeps them distracted and things much cleaner. It's not too much of a deal as it does its job well, but I would like to see the graphic design and pixel quality improve. Just a shallow, aesthetic preference. Overall a great app.

Demarcus Eichmann

This is a great app for son, 1 year old. Has kept him calm a doctors offices and while traveling. This apps is much better than many of the other baby apps.

Sadie Mertz

badly my 15 month old can get out of this app with the child lock on he uninstalled 3 apps on my husbands phone and messed with all my apps on my phone. sent my dad odd messages and called 911 while this app is still going !!!! crappy app.. really crappy

Madilyn Weissnat V

my granddaughter loves this app. i love that she can't leave the app w/out a pin.

Lance Medhurst

very glitchy keeps unlocking the child lock but it is helpful and keeps the baby happy for a bit thank you for being free

Ms. Jeanne Shanahan

my son loves this app however it doesn't keep your phone locked like it says it does cute rattle

Mrs. Caterina Rogahn

This app does not lock when my child touches the screen all over! im going to uninstall.

Giovanna Howell II

still one of my fav apps way to keep my baby distracted 😊