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What sleep training methods can I try?

If you think your baby is ready, you may want to try the controlled crying method, which means leaving your baby for a few minutes before returning, but extending the time you leave her between each visit. Experts suggest starting with intervals of two minutes and gradually working your way up to intervals of 10 minutes.

It can be hard to leave your baby crying, even if it’s for just a short period. Be reassured that a lot of research has been carried out on controlled crying and its effects on babies. The research found that it doesn’t cause harm to your baby and it can help your baby sleep. However, you shouldn't leave your baby to cry for long periods at night.

If controlled crying isn’t for you, and for many parents it isn’t, there are lots of other approaches you could try to help your baby sleep.

One small study focused on letting parents choose when they comforted their baby, instead of setting strict intervals. The parents were told to gradually reduce how much they went in to comfort their baby, at their own pace. The results showed improved sleep for both babies and parents.

The following strategies may also help:

Cuddle up if you'd like your baby to sleep in your bed. Comfort her so she knows it's time for sleep. Lie down together and cuddle her, pretending to sleep, firmly letting her know it's bedtime. But make sure you are aware of how to make co-sleeping safe. If your baby is six months or younger, it's safest for her to sleep in a cot next to your bed.

Share the role of comforter with your partner, so both of you can help your baby fall back to sleep. Once your baby is old enough not to need a night-time feed, she can learn to be comforted by your partner. She may stop needing anyone when she learns there's no food involved.

Tune in to your baby’s needs. During the day, you could make her feel secure by babywearing. If she wakes in the night, try to work out why. Is her nappy full? Are her night clothes comfortable? Has she got a cold?

If your baby is still waking after you've tucked her in, her age may have something to do with how well she settles. So try to adapt your approach to her stage of development.

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Mr. Haleigh Toy

This would be the best app in its field if it wasn't for all the annoying pop-up adverts. Can't be dealing with those at 3am!!!

Freddy Block

the app seems nice, but a commercial every time you touch the app is just too much. The stops every time i try to dowload.