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Sleep your Baby with us - Baby sleeper is an application that will help your baby to fall asleep. Perfectly selected sounds will allow your baby to calm down when it is crying. Peaceful baby sleep is very important for the correct development of a baby. This application not only helps your baby to fall asleep at night, but also during the day, when the baby is restless.

Baby's best interest is most important for us - parents, and nothing pleases us more than the smile and happiness of a baby,
Sounds of hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, lullaby and many other sounds will make your baby stop crying, calm it down and interest it.

Transparent interface and, high-quality sounds that are helpful in putting a baby to sleep, is a good choice for parents, who want to help in baby's development, because a calm baby that sleeps well is a happy baby. Sounds of hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, train, or just noise,are the sounds that babies like. This application is not only suitable for calming down your baby or helping with putting it down to sleep, but also for keeping the baby occupied for a while, giving the parent time to make dinner or do some other household duties. The lullaby in this application will make your baby feel good, so it will be calm and smiled. Our application also enables you to set the length of a played sound, so that you can adjust it to your baby's needs.

The vast choice of sounds will ensure that your baby will not get bored with this application. When the baby will get used to the sound of a hairdryer, you can quickly change it to the sound of a washing machine or vacuum cleaner, but that's not all. There are also other sounds in various volumes, i.e. sounds of car, stream, or the sound of rain. The sound of lullaby or other sounds may calm down your child and make it fall asleep in a few moments. It is worth to mention the sound "In mommy's tummy", to which babies are especially sensitive during the first months of their lives, it is something they know well, so they can feel safe and calm. This relaxing sound will make your baby stop crying. Even babies that are very restless and prone to cry will become interested in the played sounds, which, as a result, will calm them down and comfort them.

In our application there is a screen with statistics of played sounds that will show which sound is your baby's favorite. Thanks to this solution its uncle, grandma or aunt will also know which sounds are the best for your baby. These statistics will show whether the baby likes the sound of a hairdryer more, or the sound of a running train. All of this is displayed by using a transparent and simple interface that is easy to use. The colors of this application are selected both for a boy and a girl. In the central part is a "timer", which will count down the time to the end of the sound.

Baby Sleeper is an application that enables you to calm the baby, makes the baby interested, so that it will listen to the perfectly selected good-quality sounds. The variety of sound ensures that there will be something interesting for every baby. Sounds of hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, stream, sea or lullaby are only a few of the sounds that will help you put your baby to sleep. Simple and nice interface ensures that this application is easy and quick in use. This application also enables playing the sound in the background, thanks to which, the baby can listen to the sound, and the smartphone may be used for different purposes at the same time.

If you have any ideas how to make this application better, or have noticed any error, we will be very pleased if you write to us: [email protected]

What rights are required by this application?
READ_PHONE_STATE - it enables to stop the sound at the time of phone conversation,
MEDIA_BUTTON - turning the volume of the played sound up and down

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Baby Sleeper from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Baby Sleeper is 1.1.0. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Baby Sleeper made by 7csolutions very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Miss Mittie Schoen DDS

adds pop up over other apps and the sounds keep going after u close all recent apps. 1/10. find another app for sounds

Mr. Rodrigo Prosacco II

worst baby sleep aap

Shanny Romaguera I

Love it but now isn't working with my new Samsung update! 😣

Dr. Robert Hickle Sr.

This App is excelent so, my daughter sleep all night

Hiram Parker

Super aplikacja

Prof. Cecil Luettgen

I loved the interface and my baby really enjoyed the vacuum cleaner noise, he was finally calm after a long day of fussing, up until this ad came on and the volume was way louder than the noise from the app. My screen was locked so until I could unlock and turn it off the baby was up from the sudden change in the sound and crying again. I was fine with the mute ads even though it's annoying that there isn't an option to pay and get rid of them, but the ones with sound totally defeat the purpose of this app.

Prof. Amina Mosciski

My son loves those sounds