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Ball's Journey

Travel farther and farther while improving your launch forces! How far will you go ?

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Mr. Dangelo Hessel

I used to love this game but now after every single hit I have to endure a thirty second advert, it's insufferable. I could handle the odd ad, but every time? Really? It's kind of annoying, I'm not going to buy the game, nor the extra advertised games because I'm going to uninstall it. Shame.

Mr. Olaf Mills

what a shame.... Used to be a great game but now you get barraded with ads every 10 seconds... I also turned off data sharing as i don't want you guys to collect and sell my data and now after every shot it prompts me asking if i want to reanable data sharing... i turned it off for a reason!!

Lottie Gorczany

This is a great no brainer game however when you open it up it gives an option to double the money earned while you were away by watching a short video. It does NOT double the money and that is false advertising!

Mrs. Alexandria Walsh II

might as well just play the adds it gets to apoint if u dont pay, delete it's the same cost in adds, my (time)could be better wasted , but dont feel alone most games that start off good, sooner, or later become infested with BS adds but im not paying to not be bothered bi just wont be. lol

Thelma Schamberger

U should get metals for hitting the buildings and trees. Even get credit for landing in water. And the China BOMB man should explode if you ask me these things would make gameplay much more enjoyable for the players. keep getting the updates make the game better by updating gameplay Cheers !! And how do I know what the farthest distance is ?

Zoila Roberts IV

horrible ad hungry game. seems like the game was rushed and was made in a day. they were even too lazy to give u an options menu so u could at least turn off the vibrate everytime u shoot. the game makes your device vibrate soo much your batt will last no time. also, u must turn off your wifi to play or the game is way too ad hungry.

Prof. Maurice Watsica V

cant really say much for the game too many ads just to stage the play. i open the app watch an ad before i can play. the game times out starts over watch the ad before play then time out again and sgain i did it twice uninstalled after that

Cordia Erdman

i like the game. it is challenging and fun BUT there are just way too maany ads. tap to collect alwways turns to video. even if you dont tap double up. then after a throw, hit or whatever going to the playets screen you will always get the \"while you were away\" legend. i was away? i was sent to a videp that i didnt want to see and then \"penalized\" because your program sent me \"away\" to a video that i was not interestef in in the first place...

Litzy Stracke

Fun at first but once you get to upgraded on the high 20s-30s it becomes virtually impossible to upgrade with the points you earn playing, let alone the away score.

Mallory Huel III

I love this game and so does my daughter, the problem i have is with the ads. Ive played many games with excessive ads but this one in particular has very inappropriate ads for children such as this stupid interactive stories game. Ive had one where a man and woman are having sex as the ad. And as a huge supporter of the gay community, for the first time ive seen an ad that had 2 lesbians having sexual interaction. It's the fact this is inappropriate content to be advertising in a game as this... Please fix this asap!!!!