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Baraja de Lotería Mexicana

Download Baraja de Lotería Mexicana apk for free.

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Baraja de Lotería Mexicana

Disfruta al máximo el tiempo en familia con "¡Corre y Se Va!" de la Lotería Mexicana.
Aprovecha las funciones y características que esta aplicación te ofrece:

*¡Barajeo rápido!

Ya no mas cartas repetidas, ni el mismo ganador.
Cada juego es totalmente diferente gracias al sistema de barajeo de Corre y Se Va.

*¡Cartas cantadas!

¡Evita confusiones!, Esta App tiene la opción de cantar las cartas que van saliendo, conecta el altavoz a tu móvil
para que todos puedan escuchar la carta.


Justo como si tuvieras las cartas en tus manos, puedes verificar cuales cartas han salido, y el orden.
¡Por si hay en el grupo algún distraído!.

*Fondos Elegibles
Disfruta de 4 fondos a elegir para tu App

Puedes personalizar tu App con las diferentes opciones que Corre y Se Va tiene para ti.

*Varieda de Voces.
Puedes elegir entre 3 voces o simplemente grabar tu propia voz.

¡Conecta el celular a la bocina y empieza a jugar!

¡Muchas gracias por usar nuestra aplicación!

Juegos de Loteria Tradicional Mexicana
Completamente Gratis. Juegos Gratis.Enjoy family time to the fullest with "Run and Go!" of the Mexican Lottery.
Take advantage of the functions and features that this application offers you:

* ¡Barajeo rápido!

No more repeated cards, nor the same winner.
Each game is totally different thanks to the shuffle system of Run and Go.

* Sung letters!

Avoid confusion! This App has the option to sing the letters that come out, connect the speaker to your mobile
so everyone can hear the letter.


Just as if you had the cards in your hands, you can check which cards have come out, and the order.
In case there are some distracted in the group !.

* Eligible funds
Enjoy 4 backgrounds to choose from for your App

* Options
You can customize your App with the different options that Corre and Se Va has for you.

* Varieda de Voces.
You can choose between 3 voices or simply record your own voice.

Connect the cell phone to the speaker and start playing!

Thank you very much for using our application!

Traditional Mexican Lottery Games
Completely free. Free games.

Editor's Note

The apk file of Baraja de Lotería Mexicana is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 1.0.7 version from our website and that update has announced on April 20, 2019. Baraja de Lotería Mexicana is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 14 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Baraja de Lotería Mexicana After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Triston Pfannerstill

I think this is wonderful that way you don't have to do the cards one by one you have you hands-free to play your bingo cards

Ms. Carrie Emmerich PhD

yo tenia pagada la subscrision y desde la actualisasion puro ads tiene. I had the paid option and was add free but since the update its nothing but ads. even has ad in the middle of game playing.

Raymond Denesik

I paid the 7.49 to get rid of the advertising and it still advertises. I dont like that. I want my money back or fix the problem.

Serena Aufderhar V

live it, we always use it .. i do hate the ads that pop up when we shuffle when someone wins

Ms. Dolores Halvorson

it was good. instructions are in Spanish but is easier than shuffling the actual cards. plus I like how it reads them outloud too.

Cordelia Eichmann

Swegra didnt like this app because she stopped winning but me and my wife LOVE IT ,because it shuffles cards and randomly says them and also time frame is adjustable

Richie Murphy V

i installed this app on my tablet and when the 7th or 8th card comes out the app starts jumping all over the place, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it does the same thing

Prof. Whitney Zemlak

the only reason i give it a 3 star is because app does not allow u to play music in the background 😢😢😢 fix that n the app is perfect!!!

Kareem Murray

I love the app I just cant stand that I \"donated\" $7 to stop the ads and I keep getting them

Kianna Davis

every single time I mix the cards there is a ad and sometimes when I start there is an ad like what!?