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Basketball Tactic Board

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Basketball Tactic Board

Basketball Tactic Board, allows you to create your own tactics for every match situation, for FREE and NO REGISTRATIONS nor payments are needed for more advanced tools ;). Intuitive UI, simple, quick using.

You can change the field, to six different options. Full field view, Half field view and attacking/defending third!

BTB provides you seven tools! Rectangle with number inside! Sipmle Line, Arrow, Dotted arrow, Pen, Text and Area! Everything you need to create your tactic!

Save your tactics into one frame, or do frame by frame ANIMATION, for more advanced tactics! You can set animation speed to make it simply the BEST.

You can analyse your own photos and your own videos!

Create your teams and players!
***manual on bottom of the page***

BTB allows you several ways to share tactic or animation with others!
- for tactic - you can do photo of your tactic or you can export it into file
- for animation - you can export it into file
This file can be easily imported into app on any other device ;)
***manual on bottom of the page***

Simply remove objects, if you want to rework your tactic, with remove function! Or you can reset everything with just one click!

Create basketball tactics

/*More field options*/

*Full field
*Half field
*Attacking / defending third
*Your own image or video


*Dotted arrow

/*Useful features*/

*Change players size
*Save tactics
*Export/Import tactics and animations
*Frame by frame animation
*Portrait/Landscape mode

Go to edit window (top right tools button), click on team1/team2 edit button on the right of team, add new team and players. Then select this team by clicking on it.

Go to tactic / animation loading window, on the bottom click on EXPORT, and then click on the tactic / animation which you want to be exported.
Tactics are then exported to your device to folder /BasketballBoard/Tactics
Animations to /BasketballBoard/Animations

Now you can send them to others and they can import them ;)

Copy tactic / animation file to your device folder
- tactic to /BasketballBoard/Import/Tactics
- animation to /BasketballBoard/Import/Animations
(if this folder doesnt exists - Go to tactic / animation loading window, on the bottom click on IMPORT and folders will be created)

Now you have tactic / animation in right folder, so now it is very simple:
Go to tactic / animation loading window, on the bottom click on IMPORT
In import window, there are shown tactics / animations which are copied in import folder
and now you just click on the tactic / animation which you want to be imported.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Basketball Tactic Board. Basketball Tactic Board is developed by Jan Soukup and it has very stable version which is 5.1.2. Basketball Tactic Board works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Basketball Tactic Board apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Augustus Roberts Jr.

Don't let the Euro trapezoid lane keep you from downloading this app especially if you're wanting to create animations of your plays. You can upload your own background image to use. I passed on this app originally because of the trapezoid. I tried a few other play creator apps but they didn't have the capability to create animations so I decided to try this app. I'll be honest it'll take a little while to get the hang of creating animations but once you do you'll realize how great this app is.

Miss Ardith Cummings I

Better than most because of its animation capabilities, but the animation frame editing is non-existent. If you mess up even a single frame, you essentially have to start over. The worst part is that if want to reset the animation because of a mistake, it wipes all of the players off the screen rather than just removing the frames from memory. So you have to start over from a clean slate and have to place all 10 players and ball again.

Elwin Marks

For an app it's size and it's price(absolutely free) it is absolutely fantastic!

Dr. Tyrel Weissnat

Good app with few things that need to be added such as: screen, dribble, maybe cones... But again you have a pen with witch you can draw

Cedrick Gottlieb

Love this app. I use this all the time for my pre workout so I can show what I need to work on

Ardella Ferry

I give this 5 stars though I need more time with it. out the gate though it needs a quit edit undo option

Laurel Nolan DDS

I wish you had a program that would save as 3d video instead of just pictures

Viva Jast

awesome app. Was going to buy a board. Glad I didn't

Prof. Lonzo Hickle Sr.

Pretty good. I'm impressed. Very user friendly and useful for coaching

Cecilia Fahey

The animation feature is very helpful!