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Beard Live Camera Photo Editor

Download Beard Live Camera Photo Editor apk for free.

Beard Live Camera Photo Editor apk icon

Beard Live Camera Photo Editor

Beard and Mustache Live Camera Photo Editor

Realistic instant Beard and Mustache live camera photo editing app to impress your friends with bearded photo.

Beard Mustache Live Camera Photo Editor allows you to

1. Beard Photo Editor yourself on choose your own photos with best style photo collection.
2. Man Beard style changer will help you to give a dashing and cool look. Add different types of beard style and check by yourself, you could find a proper beard style which suits to your face.
3. You can also select any one Beard which you like to add in your face photo and drag and you can also change the size of that Beard with finger touch.
4. Beard Photo Editor very easy touch to use.

Beard Mustache Live Camera Photo Editor is a fashion beard booth that let you have any kind of beard you want. Impress your friends with bearded photo. Try now!!

Applying Men Stylish Beard on Photos -

Get Men Stylish beard on your existing photos instantly. These men stylish beards will look the most Realistic Beards. The Realistic Beards comes with the following options

1. Beard Booth automatically checks your head pose.
2. Makes the Men’s Stylish Beards in Perspective Mode (As per your head pose).
3. Beard Booth Provides options to blend the beard perfectly with the photos - lighting, coloring etc. using tools like Contrast, Saturation and Brightness. So these Beards look realistic and not just a sticker - stuck on the face.

Applying Men Stylish Beards on Live Camera (BETA) -

Beard Photo Editor Studio allows you to take Selfies of yourself with trending Beard Styles. This Live Beard Salon will automatically recognize your face and warp different Mustache and Beard Styles on Live Beard Camera. You can check which beard style suits you before actually growing a Beard. Check it out and take a snap photo. Your friends are going to be surprised looking at your beard photos.

Beard Photo Editor - is a complete Beard Salon with the most latest, trending and realistic beard styles. It’s an Instant Beard app for you to impress everyone with the latest dashing beard and Man Mustache Beard. It is fun Mustache Beard Changer app to instantly apply realistic beards on your face.


• Advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) for face detection to apply realistic beard automatically.
• Try Beard on Live Camera - Mustache and Beard Changer.
• Beard Salon: 45+ trending beard style.
• Realistic Beards Tools - Perspective Mapping (Automatic), Contrast, Brightness and Saturation.
• Share beard photo on social media directly from the app.
Beard Photo Editor is also known as Beard my photo, Beard my pics, apply beard to photo, beard pic editor.

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Editor's Note

Well known Beard Live Camera Photo Editor is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Beard Live Camera Photo Editor developed and announced by EW Techgiant. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on March 25, 2018. Also Beard Live Camera Photo Editor is very famous in Beauty category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Beard Live Camera Photo Editor if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Ms. Kiana Ratke

The app is forcing you to give 5 stars review in order to open free features - is thos legal? I haven't even tried it enough to write a review. so from this reason I will give it 3 stars at this point

Miss Earline Schiller Sr.

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Rogers Cole Jr.

This camera app force me to give a 5star rating....5 stars means a best rating but this application deserves a 0 star rating but there is no option for zero star so o can't...i give 5 stars because then all stickers will unlock

Kaela Gusikowski

just loaded. may rate 5* if u let me try it first. Ask how it works. I dont know YET

Sarah Botsford

the app is great. It gives you a estimation about how would you look in beard and you can even put beards on your previously captured images by editing them.

Friedrich Schmeler III

advertising and advertising. wasted my time installing this app. dont use it.

Alex McCullough

It's okay, there's another you can download that needs less permissions.

Mia Volkman

Bad app don't install guys. Then rating of the app is high because of they tell you to rate 5star to unlock best bearded style ,but it is much bad.

Miss Adelia Kemmer PhD

Keeps asking me to rate the app to get more here ya go. App keeps crashing when i try and load a picture to apply a beard (Pixel 3). Between the constant pop ups for me to rate the app and the crashing, this app is complete garbage.

Dr. Sienna Emard

No shave November means I need to keep up with the beard scene. Thanks for letting be part of the beard world. #cantgrowabeard