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Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories

Download Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories apk for free.

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Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories

The Bible App for Kids is the newest member of the YouVersion family of apps. Available now for Android smartphones and tablets, the Bible App for Kids is always completely free!

Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is a delight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to return again and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’s Word.

* Easy, kid-friendly navigation
* Colorful illustrations
* Touch-activated animations
* Engaging, interactive content that brings the Bible to life
* Fun facts and activities designed to help kids remember what they learn
* Special challenges that let kids earn rewards

Includes Bible Stories about:
* Creation of the world
* Adam and Eve
* Noah’s ark
* Abraham is called by God
* Abraham and Isaac
* Joseph and the coat of many colors
* The plagues of Egypt
* Moses and the burning bush
* Moses and the 10 commandments
* The parting of the Red Sea
* The Walls of Jericho
* Samson and Delilah
* Ruth
* Samuel is called by God
* David and Goliath
* Elijah
* Daniel and the lions’ den
* Esther
* Nehemia and Ezra
* The birth of Jesus Christ
* The baptism of Jesus Christ
* Jesus’ temptation in the desert
* The Sermon on the Mount
* Jesus healing a paralyzed man
* Jesus casting out evil spirits
* Jesus healing a sick girl
* Jesus feeding the 5000
* The prodigal son
* Palm Sunday
* The Last Supper
* Jesus on the cross
* The empty tomb
* Jesus’ ascension
* The Holy Spirit comes to the early Church
* The disciples healing a crippled man
* Saul
* Paul’s journey and trials
* The new heaven and new earth

From YouVersion in partnership with OneHope.

* The Bible App for Kids requests read/write access to your SD card because that's where the app stores the stories you choose to download to your device.
* The Bible App requests access to a device's account list to aid in sending Push Notifications to older versions of Android.
*Location: Our analytics package uses approximate location to help us learn where our app is popular. The information is only used on an aggregate level, not on an individual level.
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The Bible App for Kids is available in English, Afrikaans, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

Editor's Note

Well known Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories developed and announced by Life.Church. Current version of the apk file is 2.26 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sep 13, 2019. Also Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories is very famous in Education category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Bible App for Kids: Interactive Audio & Stories if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Mr. Felipe Boyle

Screen freezes all the time, can't make the cartoons interact, can't get diamonds or question bubbles to work! Also, my 2 yr old loves to play this app and I've enjoyed it with all my children, but a lock for toddlers would be great! So they can enjoy the game and not close out of it without parental help!! I love playing and reading with my kiddos on this app, but there are some very irritating glitches that need to be fix please!! Thank you. :)

Leon Gottlieb

This app is excellent for kids 2- 7. My 2 kids love it. It is an interactive story. So it has about 2-4 lines it reads. While it is reading the kids tap on things on the screen that keep their attention. They actually request to read it every night! Please make more like this. Full games with Bible themes are desperately needed in app store.

Eli Kertzmann I

Great app. Superb for kids. Keep it up. Thank you for doing Gods work. Only recommendation I have is to have to words highlighted while the narrator reads the book. Please do this on the storyline as well as the questions.

Queen Bahringer

We love this app! My daughter enjoys the Bible stories and that everything is interactive. Also the extra activities. Would love this app in our home language Afrikaans but nevertheless we enjoy it very much. Thanks to developers

Katelin Towne

A wonderful introduction of God's word, the Bible, for children. Fun filled and engaging. The truth in a simple format for the little ones to begin to know the One true and living God.

Nathaniel Mueller

I have been looking for bible education for children in this specific age group. I have shared it with experienced bible teachers and the have it great reviews. So far the children are enjoying the lessons.

Dr. Niko Romaguera DVM

I really love this wonderful app i always read my Bible through imagination but this app help me to see and read the word of God its Good not only for children but for adult too

Ricardo Macejkovic

Very good but still need improvements. An issue is app doesn't close as i use back key.

Robb Morissette Jr.

So much impress, more useful app for kids and Sunday school teachers.

Mr. Stephan Hodkiewicz

Continue to wait for the app to open over 10 mins. .