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Bible Trivia Quiz Game

Bible Trivia is the most fun you'll have studying the Bible! Test your Bible knowledge by guessing the word… with all clues created from Bible verses!

Don't just take our word for it. More than 100,000 people have played the game! See what others have said!

* "Love it! Never boring. Best bible trivia game I've tried so far." -★★★★★

* "Loved it Great for the whole family.We play when we are traveling in the car. Its great to see the family so excited and involved. Thanks for a great trivia game!" -★★★★★

* "I love love this. What a fun way to test and learn the bible. If u don't know a passage, it shows it to you right then. It also encourages you to find the answers to questions yourself by providing hints.. Awesome game! REALLY!"

Bible Trivia is the highest rated Bible game for both iTunes and Google. Play it for yourself to find out why!

- Hand-crafted questions by alum at Dallas Theological Seminary
- Questions taken from Genesis and Revelation and everything in-between
- Test your knowledge on what Jesus said
- Hear audio clues spoken in a British language. You need to download JUST for that alone!
- Helps you remember Bible verses with fill-in-the-blank clues
- See the explanation of where of the answer came from!

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Marcelina Mayer

I love reading he bible!!! And this is my favorite game. Not only can i see how much knowledge I do have, but I can learn from the questions that I don know I'll look up the verse and read the scriptures. Seek ye first the wisdom of God and all.other things shall be added to you. My favorite verses in the bible are: James 4:7-8 7 Submit yourself to the LORD. Resist the devil and he shall flee from you. 8 Draw near to God and he shall draw near to you.

Carmelo Hegmann

The option for bypassing a question you don't know the answer to is unacceptable.If you are playing the game to increase your knowledge of the Bible there are better games available. Even having a \"second chance\", multiple choice question requiring the same answer would be a better teaching method than just restating the same question (to which the answer is apparently unknown) over and over. At least the multiple choice answers gives you a chance to guess.

Jovan Klein MD

I would've given this a 5, but I am stuck on a question because the Bible version they use is NOT identified, and all the other versions I have use a word that doesn't fit the letter choices they give!! I have queried them to find out what version they use, but I have waited 2-3 days without an answer.

Matteo Schultz

I am left lacking. It is just a fill-in the blank game with no substance. I would say this is good 4 kids up to the 10 yrs but this would bore them. You can't connect w/ FB or others. The ads are many.The Bible itself is joyful, exciting, challenging \u0026 inspiring. I want the app to reflect that!! I truly hate to give an app the lowest rating but it is not good. I hope the creators of this app will not give up but will reach out for the help of ppl who love the Bible to help make an excellent app!

Dovie Gerhold

💜💜💜 I completed this game in 2 days....with some help from Google...I can understand and learn better if I do hands on things like this....thanks for a great game and helpful learning tool! Now to restart and try not to use google or my bible! God Bless everyone behind this awesome game!!! Love and Prayers!!! 💜💜💜

Prof. Ray Kautzer IV

I haven't played it long enuf to be fair, but my first impression is that there is too many interruptions with ads for other games which is distracting. It disrupts the flow of my game. Guess I shouldn't be so serious! Lol!

Orin Spencer I

First question I received had an incorrect answer. The answer to who was the first fisherman to follow Jesus should be a tie between Andrew and John, who were previously disciples of John the Baptist. The app called for Peter as the correct answer. The Gospel of John states that Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus after he and John (both fishermen) had followed Jesus.

Tevin Kreiger DVM

I get to guess in my timers...I don't have to buy turns or wait for more turns to pop up...I get as many chances as I need yayyy you lost a star...its Beelzebub NOT Beelzebul we spent all our coins for nothing!

Jermaine Kub

As a Christian, this gives me questions that really enhance my vocabulary and Biblical knowlege. If you wish to restart they give you the same awesome questions as before. Really great studying!

Kenna Watsica

this is really good, help you remember what you have read in the bible, then when get right answer it shows the scripture where it is. I love it!!!