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Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions

Download Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions apk for free.

Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions apk icon

Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions

With bxActions you can easily remap the Bixby button on your S10 / S9 or Galaxy phone to any action or app you like! Use the Bixby button to mute your phone, take a screenshot, turn on flashlight or accept calls with just one click!

You can also disable the Bixby button if you like.
Optionally you can remap the volume buttons to Skip tracks when listening to music, or whatever you like!

NEW: Per app remapping! Use the Bixby button to take pictures in camera apps, take screenshots in browser and start flashlight when the screen is off!

• Double and long press supported!
• Remap the Bixby button on S10 / S9 or Galaxy phone!
• Remap the Volume buttons!
• Per app remapping
• Answer calls with the Bixby button
• Turn on the flashlight with the Bixby button
• Disable the Bixby button
• Skip tracks with the volume buttons
• High performance! No lags!
• No annoying ads

• Turn on flashlight
• Take a screenshot
• Mute phone
• Answer phone calls
• Launch Google Assistant
• Launch camera or any other app
• Switch to last app
• Disable the Bixby button
• 35+ actions

• You can remap the Bixby button on your S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 9 and all others
• Currently the app works on Android Oreo, Pie and Bixby Voice 1.0 - 2.0
• Samsung may block this app with future updates!
• Please check if bxActions is compatible before updating Bixby or phone software!

"Bixby" is a protected trademark of "SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS"

Editor's Note

Well known Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions developed and announced by Jawomo. Current version of the apk file is 6.07 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on July 23, 2019. Also Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions is very famous in Tools category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions if your device android version is Android 24 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Jean Bahringer

Great app. It's nice to have a usable Bixby button, and the ability to customize my other physical buttons is great. Active development team works hard to keep this working fast and problem free. I bought pro to allow mapping multiple functions to each button. It's worth having for that feature alone. Update JULY 2019: still waiting for support for Bixby 2.1. I couldn't update my S8 to Oreo without Bixby 2.1. remapping sort of works, but Bixby now opens in the background. A bit annoying.

Boris Pollich MD

It's really poor. It doesn't fully replace the button's functionality and there's quite a delay in it actually capturing a screenshot. So, the primary function (or some other random function) kicks in when you press it, like it Bixby pops up or it tries to store a file (I really can't work out the logic for what happens), and then it captures the screen (sometimes). You can do the same for free. Dont waste your money.

Dr. Itzel Walsh

Have a G9+. Liked the free version so I bought the pro. Waste of money. It has different options for long press, double press, or single but only the single works. Pretty disappointing. The whole reason for getting the premium was to use all the different listed functions. Should have stuck with the free version.

Neal Shanahan

It is hit and miss whether it would work. Sometimes pressing Bixby button would have desired effect, and sometimes it would open Bixby. The last version of bxaction, on first activation, creates a large pop-up advertising some other app of the same author, and the only way to close it is to hit the install button for this other app. Not a nice behavior toward users who already supported the author by buying the pro version of bxAction.

Foster Haley

New issue for me I have google assistant assigned to single press of bixbi button. It only works, and poorly at that, when the screen is lit up and unlocked. When locked, it brings up assistant but not running and i need to hit the button again for it to start listening to me. Edit: still happening. Worse amd slower now.

Mr. Allen Littel

Love it, have had the pro version for a long time now. Just one thing you guys have never fixed with any updates to it. When I press my Bixby button to bring up my Google Assistant, I would say only 5% of the time it makes the Google Mic sound and turns the mic on. 95% of the time the Assistant app launches, no sound, and then I have to press the little dots to get the mic going. If you guys could fix this, it would make my Note 9 so perfect. Otherwise, such an amazing app.

Dewayne Borer

Flashlight wouldn't work on Samsung S8, so I bought you a coffee hoping long press would work, still not working. Tried Flashlight (even extra), tried launch application. Nothing. I'd really love to use this, do you need unlocked phone (rooted) for it to work? Didn't see it say that in info.

Jalyn Thiel V

The free app is so-so, but the options with the paid app is nothing short of amazing. All I could have wanted. It is basically possible to completely remove anything bixby-related and simply have a button with up 8 new functions (4 in standard mode, and 4 when the lockscreen is active). This made my phone a whole lot more enjoyable to use.

Christy Cormier

works like a charm on my s9, remapped it easily by connecting it on my pc and its like bixby never existed, even upgraded to pro, which is not necessary, but I wanted to support the devs on such a useful app to replace the annoying bixby.

Peter Gusikowski

I paid for this app and it was worth every Rupees I spent on this app! Not only I can remap bixby button but also I can skip music tracks using volume buttons on lockscreen, just as I wanted! Great app and wish to see the developer working on this project for years to come!