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Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football requires at least 1GB of RAM to play.

Build your team, plan your strategy, and hone your skills to lead your team to football glory!

- Chance and skill collide in highlight-reel gameplay moments!
- Manage your team by collecting over 300 football player cards!
- Train and evolve your best players to dominate the field!
- Crush the competition in epic one-on-one gridiron battles!

- 5 card classes to play with including Gold, Platinum, and All Star.
- Prove yourself with Boom Bowls against some of the best teams in Boom Boom!
- Go for glory against real players in special Boom Battle events!

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Prof. Eden Reichel Sr.

Really simple yet enjoyable and addicting. Also doesn't make you feel like you have to constantly spend money just to keep up with the game. Of course you can spend some cash to get ahead a lot faster but never seems like you HAVE to. Only about ten games in so this could change but so far so good. I highly recommend if you love football and want something that is simple yet engaging that wont feel like its constantly robbing you or shoving ADS down your throat. Hope to see you on the field.

Jamaal Dickinson

Needs a better way to exchange extra bronze players etc how about 5 bronze \u003d 1 silver, 5 silver \u003d 1gold etc, I've got 200+ bronze players and dont need any more cash as all my pkayers are maxed and don't need to be upgraded...more leagues as I've completed all the leagues here ....come on guys do more with this game or its pointless playing any more.....

Ms. Winifred Stanton IV

VERY PAY TO PLAY! You need gold to buy new players and game doesn't give you any unless you win. You can't win cause it is a total chance/odds game not skill. Rewards are horrible, whole game is designed to make you fail so you buy gold from store, which is also overpriced. Uninstalled and would NEVER reccomend.

Lois Medhurst DVM

I like the frabchisebbuilding and the guick game play is a nice touch, reminds me of the old tecmo bowl football game. I highly recommend this game.

Miss Lexie Spencer V

The only thing I would need to change to from the game is more types of styles of jerseys so that we have more other than that this game is five stars

Carmen Stark

Fun game. Need more campaigns. 5 stars if trading cards function is introduced between players.

Litzy Crooks

This game is amazing but kind of game hold of it please update again and do more levels this game is a really good football game it helped my reflux please update again

Prof. Rey O'Hara MD

Great, this game is wonderful but maybe add more jersey designs and patterns and also a card creator way you make your own 1 card and from a bronze you work your way up to a Champion. i just thought that would be great.

Paige Upton Jr.

Love it but to fast on the purple target But in all really good mobile game

Trystan Homenick

I Love this Game but when I switched phones my recovery code wouldn't recover my team I lost everything somethings were paid for. What can be done?