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Bottled - Message in a Bottle

Download Bottled - Message in a Bottle apk for free.

Bottled - Message in a Bottle apk icon

Bottled - Message in a Bottle

Make new friends all over the world, learn new languages and discover new cultures.
Try the modern version of sending a message in a Bottle - a new way to meet people!

Bottled allows you to send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world.

One letter at a time, your messages will be received by one user only.

If the recipient likes your Bottled letter, they can keep it & you will be able to chat with each other.

If your Bottled message gets released, your bottle will float back into the sea to be received by another random stranger!

With Bottled you can:

- Send a letter to someone somewhere in the world.
- Chat with people from all around the world whom you have intrigued with your Bottled message
- Share photos and instant messages for free with your friends
- Follow the journey of your Bottles in real time
- Answer quizzes from the Cheeky Captain to test your knowledge of the world
- Earn golds and rewards to unlock awesome features and spread your messages to more places

Don't forget: a friend is a stranger you haven't met yet!

Whether you are looking for a friend, a penpal, a nice conversation or even your soulmate, let serendipity decide your chance encounters with Bottled!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Bottled - Message in a Bottle from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Bottled - Message in a Bottle is 1.07.0. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. Bottled - Message in a Bottle made by Honi Inc very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dr. Ole Vandervort IV

Too expensive. The cost is discouraging open communication. Fewer people keep bottles because they're more busy collecting enough to reach the world, which takes forever to accomplish. Also, the bug causing the text for the bottles to be hidden behind the keyboard is still there. Please fix. Furthermore, there should be an option to copy and release a bottle so a person can keep a nice message even if they don't want to communicate. Finally, an option to reply directly to a bottle.

Dr. Alejandrin Hodkiewicz

Terrible admin. My reputation was taken from my account for engaging in a conversation that the other user started. I reported the matter and the admin has to this day done nothing to even contact me. Furthermore they do nothing about the countless people accepting bottles to simply release them immediately. Or the countless people that accept bottles without understanding the language. How do I report these people? or is that okay? Please manage your users better or close the app.

Gus Monahan

This app is amazing. I have met a large variety of people, and they all have different stories to tell and are from different countries. also, it is pretty straight forward, but can be adjusted to your choice. I have met wonderful people, and so can you if you download it. try it, give it a day or two, you will love it.

Antonina Goyette PhD

It's a really fun idea but it took all of two days for me to stop using it because of the number of guys wanting to use it to get a girl. Seriously, I'm talking 99% of the bottles. If i wanted a dating app, I'd have downloaded a dating app. Too bad you can't report people for unsolicited flirting (if that's even what you can call it).

Arvid Kerluke

really great app! it in a way brings the world together. developers should create more apps like this. im so luck to have found this app. plus, this app lets u choose ur motive to join the app. if u just wanna have fun talking to strangers, then ur a sailor; if u need a date, then u can change ur status to treasure hunter.. this is really nice. great alternative to tinder, i must say! this app is THE BEST!!!!

Furman Ziemann

Awesome app, I love the concept. I read the reviews before downloading it and there i saw a review which said \"future\" i bet he was right. Thank you for a lovely app. Surely sharing this app a lot.

Shanny Funk PhD

Created account and tried to sign in, app would never let me sign in. Contacted support about the problem. They responded back i was banned for inappropriate content. How the hell could i be banned when i was never able to sign in and use the app? What a waste of time.

Lenna Cronin

I like the concept of this app. It is a nice way to make new friends but the app has certain issues. When I'm using another app and bottled is running in the background and I get a notification and I open bottled it won't update and show me the new bottles or messages. I need to restart the app to see the new stuff. Secondly I do not like the concept that you can't see the profile pictures of others with pay money on a telescope.

Janick Schulist MD

I am loving this app I am using this app since 7 days this all is very useful to those people who love to make new friends and want to make friends around the world .I will suggest to download this app and try it once you will also love it.Now i am having so many friends around the world with the help of this app Thank You developer for such lovely app

Lilliana Parisian

So far, the app seems really fun. But i cant see what i type when im chatting because the keyboard completely covers it. i tried making my keyboard shorter but its not working.