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Boy or Girl - Gender Predictor

Am I Having a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl?
This is the most common question that pregnant mothers used to ask before the big reveal (ultrasound). But, waiting for the results of the ultrasound, seems like an eternity.
Using our baby gender predictor app "Boy or Girl - Pregnancy Test" can predict your unborn baby's sex. Our App is based on multiple methods that include the "Chinese Gender Chart", "Blood Renewal", "Parents’ Blood -Type Method", "Maya* Gender Predictor Chart", and "The Japanese Birth Chart". We will be adding more, as we find them out.

What Methods Do These Applications Offer?

Chinese Gender Chart:
The Chinese Gender Calendar was supposedly discovered by a Chinese Scientist who drew this chart, and it was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago. To find the gender prediction, this method uses the mother's lunar age at conception and the month in which conception occurred.

Blood Renewal:
Baby’s gender prediction using the method of blood renewal, considers taking into account the parents’ age at the time of conception. Human’s blood is being renewed all life long, however, in men it happens every 4 years, and women’s blood is renewed a bit faster — every 3 years. The gender of a future baby is usually determined by the calculations of the youngest blood at the time of conception.

Parents’ Blood Type Method:
This method combines the mother and father’s blood groups & Rh factor. For example, according to this method a couple with A or B blood group is likely to have a girl; however, spouses with AB or O types will conceive a boy.

Rh factor plays a very important role in the whole process. If it is negative or positive in both parents, it means you will probably give birth to a girl. When parents have different Rh factors, it means you will probably give birth to a boy.

Maya Gender Predictor Chart:
In ancient times, the Maya used math to calculate various activities in their daily lives from the eclipse of the moon to calendar calculations. The Mayas determined the sex of the baby by taking the mother's age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or both are's a girl. If one is even and one odd it's a boy.

Japanese Birth Chart:
The Japanese birth chart is a method of gender prediction based on the correlation of the mother and father’s months of birth with the month of conception.

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