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Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker

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Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker

By a mom for other moms: Track and share all your baby's activities.
No ads, adaptable styles, status bar widgets and a night mode make tracking a breeze.
Track breastfeeding, complementary feeding, sleeps, crying, weight, height and head circumference, pumping times and even arbitrary self-defined events like nappies or fever.
Want to share the work and info? You can sync with your partner, nanny, grandparents or even friends.

No ads!
Diary and graphs to gain insights on how your baby develops over time.
Widgets for the lock screen, status bar and desktop are included for maximum convenience!
Nightmode with a configurable dark screen setup - you don't want to disturb anybody during nightly baby nursing.

Breastfeeding tracker (free)
- Record when and on which side the baby is nursed. Simple and intuitive.
- Subsequent baby feedings can be joined into one meal.
- Graphical analysis of the logged daily breastfeeding times and meals.
- Displays your typical breastfeeding times: When does your baby typically get hungry?
- The app supports multiple time frames for analysing the logged events: today, 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, all.
- Diary view gives you an overview of all logged events. You can always drill down to single events.
- Export the recorded data from the app to a csv
- Export the graph to png-images
- Import existing data from a csv file into the baby tracker app.
- Widgets including start, pause and stop buttons (two sizes, small and big). Therefore no need to even open the app to log a baby nursing!
- No ads! This app will always be free of ads. We don't want you to get annoyed by stupid advertisements popping open, just because you've hit the wrong button while holding your hungry baby.

While the free application started with the focus of being a logger for breastfeeding, over time you might want to use it as a real baby tracker to log all kind of different events:

Pumping tracker (add-on)
- If you express milk you can also record and analyze pumping (time and quantity).
- Add comments to each record.
- Widget including start and stop buttons.
- The analysis graphs and diary keep a log of the pumping just like for any other baby nursing event.

Feeding tracker (add-on)
- Record and analyze complementary food or baby bottles.
- Breast feedings and complementary food can be joined into one meal.
- Minimized typing by self-learning and expandable food database.
- The analytic graphs and diary keep a log of the feedings just like for any other baby nursing event.
- You can add comments to each meal. That way you can document e.g. nursing positions.
- Widget including feeding button.

Sleeping tracker (add-on)
- Record when your baby is sleeping or crying.
- Widget "Sleeping" including start, pause, and stop buttons (two sizes, small and big)
- The analytic graphs and diary keep a log of naps and wails just like for any other baby nursing event.

Events tracker (add-on)
- Record predefined events (bath, temperature, diapers,....)
- You can also define and track your own events
- You can add reminders to each event
- Widget "Events" (resizeable)
- Events are also integrated into the diary and graphs - like the standard baby nursing .

Measurement tracker (add-on)
- Record weight, length/height and head circumference of your baby
- Graphical analysis of weight, length/height and head circumference with percentile charts (WHO Standards)

Profiles (add-on)
- Allows you to add and track the nursing of several children e.g. for twins or to compare your baby to its older sibling.

In case of problems please write me a mail, I'm happy to help!
Any feedback and also wishes and ideas for new features are highly appreciated!

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker. Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker is developed by and it has very stable version which is 3.6.2. Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker works with all the android devices if the device is Android 14 and above. We always provide you Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Quincy Hyatt

I only use this app for tracking my breastfeeding and its the easiest app to use. No need to look at the time, just select left or right breast and stop when done. Also have tracked the dirty Nappies. I like the option of adding something else to track like how many times baby has thrown up. I cannot comment on the other features. Overall for me this app is fit for purpose!

Prof. Catalina Beatty MD

This app is very useful to keep track of feedings. You have to pay a little bit extra to get the diaper changing tracker, but as a first time parent I feel like it's worth it. It has really helped me make sure that I'm feeding from the correct side and that I'm feeding for long enough. Great tool!

Hayley Hahn

love the free version of the app, wish it would let me keep track of diaper changes and asleep/awake times too. i originally downloaded if for breastfeeding times, which it works grear for, it also reminds me which side i nursed on last. the running total of the past 24 hour feedings is awesome, i try to keep it near 4 hours of feeding every 24 hours. i wish the \"alarm\" for feesinfs was louder than a notification bing from feeding to feeding, like an alarm that would wakeme inthemiddleofthenight

Dr. Skylar Hegmann

i just got this to be able to use the nursing widget from the lock screen. it works perfectly for this reason. i wish i could track nappies in this app too though

Freeda Carter

This is my second time around using the app and it has helped me so much to keep track of my nursing schedule. Its great!

Dr. Bartholome Macejkovic Sr.

love this!!! Makes keeping track super easy. It's so simple, swipe down and click to log diapers and start and stop nursing timer. great app!

Wilburn Hudson

everything you need! great app!

Tara Kilback

seriously? add ons?

Jannie Gottlieb

perfect way to keep up with everything for my little one.

Rosendo Wolff

Been using this app since 2015 when my first little nursling was born, and gotta say, it has been very convenient for tracking breastfeeding and sleeping habits and keeping track of diaper output (which, along with weight gain, is the only reliable way to know if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk)! The only thing I would like to see changed is the \"cry\" button that is next to the \"sleep\" button. It bugs me and I think users should have the option to remove it if they want to.