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Bridge V+, 2019 Edition

Download Bridge V+, 2019 Edition apk for free.

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Bridge V+, 2019 Edition

Welcome to the 2019 edition of our Bridge card game, featuring our state of the art Bridge AI developed by Bridge experts.

If you are looking for a fun yet comprehensive free Rubber and Chicago Bridge card game then look no further. The 2019 edition of Bridge features best in class artificial intelligence (AI) developed over the past 36 years by acknowledged Bridge experts (yes we were building Bridge AI games such as Bridge Challenger way way back in 1983!)

So what is the card game of Bridge?
Bridge is played by four players who form two partnerships. Players within a partnership face each other across a table. Traditionally, the players are referred to by the points of the compass - North, East, South and West. The two partnerships are North/South and East/West.

In Rubber Bridge a rubber is played as the best of three games. A game is won by the first partnership to score 100 or more points in successful contracts.

In Chicago Bridge you play four hands of Bridge. The winner is the partnership that scores the most points in those hands.

Game features:
* Unlimited hands (well 2 billion of them to keep you busy!)
* Top free Bridge card game, now with super strong card play engine.
* Bridge engine built into the app so you can player whenever and wherever you are.
* Comprehensive Bridge Bid analyser.
* Supports 5 card majors, strong 2 clubs, weak 1NT, Jacoby Transfers, weak-2bids and 2NT 11-12 points conventions.
* Automatically supports and plays Stayman, Gerber, Blackwood conventions.
* Choice of multiple card sets, card backs, card tables and backgrounds.
* Extensive score card information.
* Ability to locate deals matching many bidding criteria - play Slams all day if you want!
* Auto bidding.
* Auto card play.
* Full undo and redo of all bids and cards played.

We are more than happy to hear from you especially if you find deals that Bridge does not handle too well. However, please, please provide the Deal ID for such hands else we have no way of generating the hand here. Meanwhile a huge thanks to all those who have taken the time to contact us with suggestions, comments and criticisms!, please keep them coming.

Privacy info:
Please note that Bridge is free to download and play but ad-funded. We generate income to pay for the support and development of the game from advertising. The advertising and social media services use anonymous device identifiers, local storage and cookies. By downloading and continuing to use this game you consent to this information being collected and shared with our advertising and social media partners.

You can choose to remove the adverts via the built in IAP.

Editor's Note

Well known Bridge V+, 2019 Edition is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Bridge V+, 2019 Edition developed and announced by ZingMagic Limited. Current version of the apk file is 5.51.78 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Feb. 12, 2019. Also Bridge V+, 2019 Edition is very famous in Card category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Bridge V+, 2019 Edition if your device android version is Android 15 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Ernesto Murray

way too hard - Computer deals best cards to opponent, Computer \"counts cards like Rainman\" - Computer always wins. Waste of time. HINTS button will play entire hand for you - waste of time.

Stan Conroy

Adequate game play. Bidding...well your partner seems to switch from aggressive to safe, causing some frustration. Good for defense play, I seemed to be elevated into unrealistic bids, or finessing against rarely seen odds. Not sure who the \"Bridge Experts' were, but with a few hands of play one would think 'they; would have noticed that it is apparently a bit skewed. I did not buy, uninstalled immediately, recommend same. Seemingly all reviews read the same.. Not even for free, would I play.

Alvera Miller

Its actually really confusing too confusing........... Please fix: 1 see the other players 2 calling must be better 3 change add to real version 4 make it more possible to play.

Etha Renner

Very lopsided. House always dealt the superior hand. This game sucks....big time

Jovan Corwin

Privacy Issues Block Function: used to be good, but now nags repeatedly and blocks functionality, even on the paid version. Should be avoided.

Erica McGlynn

typical games include not recieving higher than 11hcp for an entire chicago game with the computer winning by over 1000 points. what fun.

Adam Reilly

bidding level does not good.

Dr. Emilio Littel

Excellent, but moving 'Score card' to a separate onscreen button would be a huge improvement!

Lucile Weissnat

predictable with periodic over bids

Dr. Zackary Graham

always enjoy v bridge. misses a clear exit button