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BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes

Download BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes apk for free.

BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes apk icon

BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes

BuzzFeed has it all: the stories and quizzes buzzing on social, the news you want now, and the recipes and life tips you didn’t know you needed.

• Never be bored again with a great mix of the best News, Quizzes, trending articles, fun videos and delicious Tasty recipes!
• Use the explore tab to dive into your favorite verticals.
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• Quickly catch up on the News with our quick summaries at the top of the News tab.
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Mr. Hyman Wilderman

so the layout is designed to just keep you clicking, but nothing in here is worth reading. Most of it isnt even true. Everything on the surface is like \"if you drink Starbucks, you're like a celebrity!\" and the deeper stuff is like \"why [redacted] makes stupid decisions!\" Not a single article was well written, true or worth reading. save yourself some time and dont download

Mr. Weston Ryan DVM

I came here because it was recommended as an app for news. Well if that is news, its new to me. Critical writing skills comparable to drunk middle schoolers, a bias that makes small towns in Midwest America look open, and relevancy comparable to the opinions of dementia patients stuck in the 60's. Its not all terrible though, the layout was viable, and the ability to find articles is viable.

Eldridge Daugherty

Buzzfeed is an excellent site. They manage to combine interesting factual reporting and light hearted general interest content. The quizzes are really fun and can be quite accurate. The app works wonderfully. If you like Buzzfeed and you want to access the content on your phone, the app works far better than viewing the site in a mobile browser.

Lincoln Bergstrom

honestly, I've always hated buzzfeed because it's full of erroneous garbage but it's my occasional guilty pleasure since I dont have cable to watch Charmed at 5 am and 5pm. I literally downloaded the app a couple of hours ago after actual years of avoiding it and randomly binging buzzfeed quizzes via pinterest. Now that I have it, I regret it. Random freeze ups and shut downs and unloadable've been around too long to still have all these bugs, buzzfeed. GET IT TOGETHER

Amani Raynor III

Do you love clickbait articles, but you don't get enough in your Facebook feed? Do you live for personally tests based on your favorite color of cake frosting? Is your preferred news format exaggerated titles and pop culture gifs? Then this is the app you've been looking for!

Jeff Kuhlman

This is advertised as a journalism app. I thought journalism was supposed to spread the truth. The only thing I've seen here are useless articles about trivial topics and lies used to spread confusion and panic. Any self respecting journalism app should seek the truth.

Russel Bosco

This app sucks. The news is barely researched, SJW-leaning trash that serves to propagate a political ideology rather than actually inform. The quizzes are absolute gibberish unless you want to answer some random questions to find out what kind of fruit you are. Also, rather than read criticism, negative reviews are being deleted, like my first one. Garbage content written by garbage people. If I could give 0 stars, I would in a heartbeat.

Kiana Boyle

this app is trash and total waste of time, wish i could get back the few minutes i spent on it. they even deleted my original review because they don't want anyone to see the truth, and whoever runs the company is a total piece of garbage.

Fredy Hackett

long has buzzfeed been in your face across social media with fun little quizzes and other clickbait. why, oh why, would i want an app dedicated to oversensationalised headlines attached to articles that are either useless, or completely false.

Prof. Halle Tremblay

this entiRe app sucks Extremely. their news Doesn't have any support and are even somewhat Derogatory. It is one of the apps for finding any true arTicles. if this app were to leave it would be Good riddance. sOciety wOuld be much more aDvanced without it.