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Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams

Download Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams apk for free.

Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams apk icon

Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams

★ Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams is free application that allow you to watch traffic cameras from Oregon.
★ Application contains more than 330 cameras (live images, webcams, CCTV)!
★ Traffic cameras for Eugene, Portland, Salem and more from Oregon state!

Cameras are mostly traffic but we have other types of cameras as well.

✔ App have widgets for cameras, so you can place some of the cameras you use the most on your home screen. 
✔ You can play/stop/change camera directly from your home screen.
✔ You can mark cameras as favorite for fast access when you need it later.
✔ You can take image from any of camera with share button. Image will be saved on your SD Card and you can share it with any app that can share images.
✔ You can choose between 5 color schemes (Menu->Colors)

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams. Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams is developed by Smart Cameras and it has very stable version which is 6.3.4. Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams works with all the android devices if the device is Android 15 and above. We always provide you Cameras Oregon - Traffic cams apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Miss Bridgette Reichel

Terrible! U don't live in Oregon but I do have to pass through at times. WA state has a nice app where you can click on a map and see cameras that way. This app you have to know what camera is where just by a description. If you're not from the area how heck are you suspossed to know where any of the cameras are located!!??

Macy Larson

This site is very difficult to use, can't excess Pacific camares with out first putting them in favorite file, if your a truck driver checking your different route or just a trip check to see your aunt, forget it. At least the old system you pick your cams on the route,not anymore,you have to take what they flash at you. Really sucks

Prof. Jose Harber Sr.

Leave it to Oregon to screw a good thing up. The old app trip check was better. You could click on the map of the area you were traveling in and see the roads. This one you have to scroll thru and figure out the camera you want to see. Way to go Oregon!! You can't do anything right

Prof. Garrison Boyer

Camera's Great! What if I'm driving at night, as I Normally do. Didn't think of rhat did you. Snowing in Baker City and La Grande right now, what are the road conditions. Oh that's right, that was on the old app (Oregon Trip Check). You know the one that had camera's for day use. But also night time info. Like Road Conditions (Chains - No Chains / Closed - Open), Accidents or other delays. Congratulations Oregon Goverment, you've managed to get your head even deeper. Impressive.

Estel Hettinger MD

Of No Use. Completely without any useful or redeeming features. Practically featureless. How much was paid for this glorified image viewer? Here's an idea; start supporting the old app, it was useful.

Verdie Kris DVM

The old app was way better, this app only allows you to see cameras and not a map like before. I downloaded this and after a few minutes of try to navigate through it, I removed it. I respect wish they wouldn't have changed it because I used it for trips a lot.

Retta Goldner

nothing like the old app, this one does not pull up the cameras half the time, takes forever to load cameras. does not show incidents, construction, other things the old app did.

Mr. Timmy Russel Jr.

Well I had hopes. But that's all it ended up being. As a truck driver this app has absolutely no value to me for information. Bring back the Oregon tripcheck app!

Dimitri Ratke

This App NEEDS the map to be able to view cameras. Trying to find exact road names when trip planning is a nightmare. This app will be deleted and the browser map used instead.

Arthur Kshlerin IV

Not good. The old version was visually simple to choose. Flexible to view desired camera. Look at incidents and choose route to travel. Plus no pop-up ads. I do not understand the 3.5 rating!